No, not a child, but I guess in a way, a “BABY”! A new project and venture for me in the form of an INTERIOR DESIGN BLOG. My children are both established and on their own. My husband still works full time. I, on the other hand stopped working as an Interior Designer about ten years ago. I found myself still subscribing to many magazines, driving slowly by new construction and buying endless amounts of STUFF at antique auctions. My incredible passion for design never left me. I tried to think of how to channel my creativity without opening a store, living in showrooms or constantly trying to convince clients to “trust me”! Hence, my new blog “CASTLE and CLIFF”; a title achieved by using old and new addresses. I hope to share lots of experience, give good advice and help all to see the world of Interior Design through my eyes. I have so many topics , travels, projects and hobbies waiting to be shared. Please be patient, as I learn the process of mastering the computer for something other than e-mail! Thanks!…

Detail of an architectural element I am refinishing

Detail of an architectural element I am refinishing


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