New Construction 101

If you have read the ABOUT part of my blog, I said that one of my obsessions is new construction and building sites. When done correctly, it is so exciting to see a piece of land turn into a beautiful dwelling that I know someone has been planning for a long time and they are  now watching it turn into reality. In my 31 years of marriage, I have lived in four locations and three of them we contracted ourselves. If you can do your research,have the time and especially PATIENCE, contracting and overseeing your own construction can save you at least 20-30% of the overall total cost. (My apologies to all General Contractors, but six figures in my favor always makes me happy!) Our newest project is a home with less bedrooms and baths but slightly larger areas. I really cannot utter the words “retirement” , but it is now just the two of us with an occasional drop-in or stay over by a child and various friends.

So…..where to begin? Buy property! Find an agent you like personally and professionally and begin your search. You need to decide on how much privacy, maintenance, utility availability, taxes, accessibility to amenities; the list goes on and on. Writing the check is the easy part! All work is done for you through the realtor, lawyers, Title companies and engineers. Make sure utilities are available, the land is suited for the type of house you want to build. Next:designing the house and finding an Architect.100_8811

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