Deck The Halls…


…and walls, floors, shelves and everything you can imagine, courtesy of my friend, Lorraine Kliewe. Lorraine is the owner of one of the best kept secrets in the tri state area- The Antique & Design Center, at 300 Route 17 North in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. The store is one of my favorite places to go because I know I will always find something that makes me smile; especially during the holidays. Lorraine was kind enough to let me take photos of her store and share with you a lot of beautiful things that are in the holiday spirit and will give you lots of ideas for decorating your own home. Enjoy the show and may everyone have a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!














6 thoughts on “Deck The Halls…

  1. Hi Sue…
    We must be neighbors! I have visited the Antique and Design Center many times over the years and agree it has been a wonderful source for inspiration as well as lovely things. Welcome to the world of blogging…always room for another kindred spirit!


  2. Lovely!! And perhaps you know my blogging friends Mae and Elise of Here in the This House, who have also raved about the Antique and Design Center and actually cited it as their favorite local design spot in the most recent issue of TradHome!


  3. Lovely!! And perhaps you know my friends Elise and Mae of Here in this House who also love the Antique & Design Center and cited it as one of their favorite local design finds in the most recent issue of TradHome!


    • As I am very new to blogging, I have yet to make friends with all the other bloggers out there. I am trying to expand my subscriber list and hope you will consider joining? It really is a small world and all theses years I thought that I was shopping at a place not too many people knew about ,but Lorraine has such great things and now I am realizing how great and well known she really is!


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