The Downsizing Dilemma


This is what I pictured with my new construction by now, although it is VERY wishful thinking for two reasons; First, it is WAY too early for such beautiful blossoms to be appearing. Second, I am VERY patiently waiting for my framers to make up about three weeks worth of delays and mistakes. (The biggest mistake was hiring them…). So, to pass the time and give myself hope that all the aggravation will be worth it one day, I have decided to build my cyber dream home for now.

There is nothing more beautiful than the site of an old Chateau or Manor set into the rolling hills. The ultimate accessory in the yard would be sheep or horses. But I don’t want or need the massive amount of space and rooms.


Imagine having the perfect piece of property large enough to fit every single perennial variety that comes in white, purples and pinks! There was once a day when all that planting would have been done with my own two hands. Lately, I have realized it’s so much easier and pain-free to hire someone to do it.



Imagine driving down the winding tree lined driveway and when all of a sudden, through the blossoms,  your eyes are presented with this…


or this..


or even this…


In order for my house to look like this I would have to wait quite a long time for all those vines to grow.


As breathtaking as it all is, when I look at it, I think of ladders, pruning shears and sore muscles. Unless, again I hire someone?


I could do something like this and I wouldn’t have to think about any yard work at all.


All these homes are so full of history and rich in architecture but being realistic, I know I will be much happier and content to come home to something more like this..


or even this..


But as this process drags out, and I happen to have a particularly bad day, (something gets done incorrectly, a worker doesn’t show up, or my favorite item I HAD to have is discontinued), I have moments when I think that what I really want most is something like this!


The ultimate Beach House!


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