The Master Bedroom


As I began my obsessive search for the absolutely perfect must have bedroom ensemble, I came upon the company Lili Alessandra. As soon as I have the ultimate “this is it” moment I would like to think that I am the only one on the planet who discovered a product and can call it my own. This is how I feel about this talented woman . Her designs are timeless, her fabrics are beyond luxurious and the workmanship is comparable to none. Velvet so soft, detail so intricate and color so soothing. I had to have it! So guess what? In true fashion as with everything I do, the item has already been discovered by countless others and then I am left to spend hours on the internet hunting down companies that still have pieces in stock. I think I used three different websites to find all the pieces I wanted, but I got them!!! This is the collection I wanted. It is a very muted shade called “Champagne” .

217887_10151040118795967_1914317932_n My headboard is an antique gilded piece with an upholstered insert. I found a silk velvet with a beige dot to recover it in. Coincidentally, the bed already has a yellow and white polka dot fabric which I thought was fun and not too stuffy looking.


This fabric works beautifully with the tones of the bedding.I will also use this fabric for the bed skirt.


I also bought a chaise lounge from Ebay that originally was so ugly I was embarrassed to post a “before” photo but the gilding and long length are what caught my eye. I had it redone in an off white chenille as I plan to use this piece every morning to have my coffee and play on the laptop.010

The throw pillows from the collection are a mix of two tones of velvet with a beautiful damask motif with detail that is so meticulously done.





Detail of velvet and appliqued sham


Corner detail of velvet duvet cover with velvet ribbon design


 These pillows will probably go on the chaise, although I really don’t want them to get dirty; especially with my mega sized cup of coffee.


The whole ensemble


Lili’s collections have now branched out into more vibrant colors, but they still retain the classic motifs, intricate details and workmanship shown in the previous collections.

I love neutrals. To me they represent calm and balance with a serene feeling. I have gone through every phase imaginable and now I am in the mood to come home to all of the above. Just notice the wonderful mix of texture which makes up for the lack of intense color. Texture is a very important design element. The shine of the smooth velvet, the weave of crisp linens, and the dimension and depth of the embroidery are all about texture. Following are photographs from Lili’s  website that I have chosen to highlight.

This collection is done in linen with more feminine detail such as ruffles and lace.


578520_10151096024235967_1234034381_n252381_10151187765280967_1964883678_n66306_10151096024025967_2040530034_n 190255_10151096392255967_2026477385_n394456_10151040210315967_1488363102_n

The accessories are just as plush as shown in this velvet bed skirt. The quilted diamond pattern throw is also part of my ensemble.


luxury at it’s best!



2 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom

  1. Sue – I would love to know your resources for the work you have done on your “finds” such as upholsterers, maker for your bedskirt, etc. Am enjoying your blog… Wonderful pictures!


    • Hi Sue. Thanks for the feedback. My photos are now with a new camera which was one of my resolutions for the year. The Canon Sure Shot- very easy to use. As far as my resources I have several that I use depending on the type of job. They are all good but all have their own little specialty. If you have a specific thing you need done, email me and I’ll give you more info.


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