An Amaryllis is Born

As “Cabin Fever” has started to affect quite a few of us in the northeast, my friend Carol has found a way to entertain us via her Facebook page. A while back, she took a photo of an amaryllis that was starting to grow in her dining room.


You may be thinking “no big deal”, but when I saw it, I had a flashback to the time when I also planted an amaryllis bulb. It came with instructions! I have always loved them and wanted to grow one but never realized how involved it was. The bulb faced a certain way, had to be so far down into a specific kind of potting soil, certain percentages of fertilizing mixture, water etc. I put it all together, left it and waited.


Apparently, amaryllis have their very own brain because they only bloom right around Christmas time. So, besides the over abundance of poinsettias, that is why I love the amaryllis. A big beautiful red flower presented on a long, tall stem.


So every couple of days Carol would post a photo of her very own amaryllis trying to make it’s way out of it’s bud. I was living vicariously through her over a simple flower. I remembered how much attention I gave to my bulb. How excited I was when it actually started to grow…. to see the beginning of the buds was my reward for all the hard work.


At this point, Carol’s flower had pretty much created it’s own fan club. Like myself, we awaited the daily photo to finally see this new arrival.


The day had come!


This is an amaryllis?? How can that be? Mine was red! This one is GORGEOUS!! It’s white with pink stripes! I was so excited for her! I was almost embarrassed at how seriously I was taking this whole process. The best part was the surprise color. I never knew that there was such a thing as white amaryllis. Now I want a house full of them!

543848_10200487557378070_1807907780_nAnd there are more buds to look forward to!

430157_10200494243745225_707767344_nCabin Fever has turned into Spring Fever. Thank you, Carol!


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