Boyd’s Interiors

Yesterday, being Tuesday meant the barn was open and I could put on the breeches and boots and go have a nice day inside riding my horse. Unfortunately, because of the severe cold, I was not able to do so. But my friend Ericka had called me the day before to tell me about an antique store in Ridgewood, New Jersey she had been to. Two words had me; French and Antiques. No brainer. The 19 degree weather couldn’t stop me from going. I made the 20 minute drive to Boyd’s Antiques (201-389-3900). This is what greeted me when I opened the door-

DSC00121Mary Holmgren, the owner of the store warmly greeted me and invited me to look around. As you can see, there was plenty to look at. I personally LOVE this kind of store overflowing with treasures. I quietly plan my route in my head and try to soak up every corner and every detail. I usually end up making at least three laps in case I missed anything the first two times.

DSC00122The very first thing I was drawn to was this over-the-top French “Causeuse” or round settee.

DSC00124These pieces are usually found in the lobbies of some of the finest hotels, but are very often put in entry ways or large living rooms. They are usable from all sides and are very party friendly and encourage conversation from wherever one chooses to sit. I love the mix of fabrics and textures. It is a fact that Mamie Eisenhower had one in her living room but Dwight wasn’t too fond of the piece. They are not particularly for the conservative at heart , but I love them.

Mary’s chandelier and sconce collection is very impressive. Bronze, crystal, and wrought iron hang everywhere.Notice the selection of sconces that hang high up on the wall. Bronze everywhere!DSC00123 The mix of crystal and semi precious stones on this chandelier is SO beautifully done. Bronze, pink, clear and smoky crystal with a pewter frame makes me wish I had enough rooms to hang them all.

DSC00129The most unusual pieces are reverse painted glass dome chandeliers. The colors are so vibrant. These in particular are perfect for hanging over dining table or in entry halls because when you look up at them, you are treated to a beautiful burst of color and a hand painted work of art.

DSC00125DSC00138Mary also let me in on a little secret….behind a door was her warehouse with MORE antiques!DSC00134I felt like I was back in the countryside of France where places like this are everywhere and filled to the brim with amazing things. The very first thing I saw was this large hand carved Black Forest clock with porcelain and brass plaques for the numbers.

DSC00132Of course, I thought  LOG CABIN, but she quickly told me it was sold. So, the money I just mentally saved would just have to be spent on something else….

These entry gates are from the estate of Harry Kaplan, the famed NYC antiques dealer. The tassels are what sold me. I also thought the glided arrows were enough to keep anyone from trying to climb over them.

DSC00135Just as I navigated my way through the front of the store, I did the same in the back. So many more pieces waiting to be displayed and purchased by someone who appreciates the workmanship that went into them. This Trumeau mirror took my breath away. Gold leaf, intricate carving, hand painted porcelain all together in one of the most magnificent museum quality pieces I have ever seen.

DSC00136After I selected what I wanted to purchase, I decided to take one more lap to get photos of simple things that caught my eye, such as the Murano glass candle holders with grape clusters.


This terra cotta angel statue with majolica style painting


An old pine table is set in the front with an inviting assortment of serving pieces.

DSC00130These lanterns would be great for a covered patio or outdoor room.

DSC00137I purchased this sweet painting which will hang in my office. It has a hole in it but it doesn’t bother me at all. That is what makes antiques so special. There is always a hidden story somewhere that makes each piece so appealing.

DSC00139Thank you, Mary, for your hospitality and turning what was a cold day into a warm and inviting visit!


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