Party Like an Equestrian

149392912611184638_4gB3vwZj_cWhen I started my blog, I knew I wanted it to be mostly about Interior Design. However, my passion for riding had to be incorporated. In the “about” section of the introduction I wrote “somehow I will make the connection”. I have to say, it has been easier than I thought.

For the past twenty years that I have been riding, the annual Christmas party was mostly held at the barn. Whether it was in the indoor arena or in the aisles with the horses joining us, I learned to associate the textures and aromas ( I’m being kind) with having a good time.169448004701379009_FPAsI7w6_cThe best thing was it did not matter how elaborate the decorations were or how much money was spent on food.

127578601914973114_sFCwslqv_cIt really was all about being together and having a good time.

241857442458964739_I6Zm0fxC_cA barn party can be a really fun and different way to celebrate an event.

99431104243121828_hS0Nkgd8_cThe most popular seems to be weddings.

146648531585741305_qwgfe5ZQ_cThere never really has to be a good reason for a party, but to use a barn setting adds a special touch that you will never find in a catering hall.

71072500339491304_Y5zKNxRS_cA simple string of lights, freshly picked flowers, and bright colors will overshadow the folding chairs, unmatched tables and even paper plates!

280700989244873726_GakuTINd_cIf you are lucky enough to have the resources, some crystal chandeliers ALWAYS add a great touch!

43065740156906125_S8HrtH5j_cHow simple but elegant! Bales of hay covered with cloth.

55661745365040800_RVmPNEp1_cHow about a romantic dinner for two? If you don’t own that many mirrors, just hang all of your blue ribbons.

4855512067749377_E6g75a7k_cAnd if you are lucky enough to own this much Mackenzie Childs, there is no way that you ever go wrong with a setting like this.

44262008808605004_8u2Z0L3z_cI would save this spot for my morning coffee being there is only one chair. What a great way to start the day!  But just remember….

IMAG0355-1Always remember to wear your wellies!


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