Design Vegas Style

DSC00200Right now, I am In Las Vegas, surrounded by gambling, shows, clubs, shopping and world famous restaurants .So what does this Designer do? I spent the day hotel hopping. I wanted to take pictures of the architecture and details of the many themed hotels that Vegas is so famous for.

DSC00163If you are able to block out the thousands of people that surround you at any given time of the day, you can really appreciate all that there is to visually enjoy. The best part is there is no charge. The only necessity is a very comfortable pair of shoes. My adventure in design began with my room. Not very interesting, sparse, modern, boring.

DSC00144I needed a gilding fix. I wanted to see hand carving. Where was the crystal lighting? I got in a cab to go find it. It didn’t take long at all. To set the mood I walked out the front door and saw this-  Eiffel Tower = France = great design = gilding, carving and crystal.

DSC00160Fountains…DSC00168DSC00156Parterre gardens..





and garden ornaments.

DSC00213I truly was overwhelmed. I have been to Vegas quite a few times but this time was different. Now that I write a blog, I am constantly trying to think of new and creative things to do. Here I was in a town of reproductions from all over the world. New York City, Egypt, Italy, France, A Medieval Castle – a visual buffet for the eyes! Epcot times ten!! I even found a beautiful Italian mountainside waterfall.


If you have never been to Vegas, most of the attractions are side by side on one main road that is several miles long. It is the desert, so it is very flat except for “the strip” where most of the hotels are. Each hotel has a theme and they all want your business, so the fancier the better. From the outside, the buildings are built to represent the theme. Even the employees wear costumes that coordinate. My favorites are the Venetian, Bellagio, Caesars, and Paris. The exteriors are fun, but let’s step inside..

DSC00170custom marble mosaic floors…

DSC00206all hand cut and placed one piece at a time

DSC00203The ceilings have got to be the most jaw dropping part of the entire experience. There are very pretty garden themes

DSC00207I would love this in a sunroom or breakfast nook.

DSC00208This hallway has all glass that is etched with a pattern that diffuses the sunlight.

DSC00184Hand painted panels in a lobby would be stunning in a formal dining room or foyer.DSC00193The closest to being in Europe is the works on the ceilings in Caesar’s Palace. The most magnificent artwork surrounded by gold leaf moldings.

DSC00202Hand painted dome skylights

DSC00190And the hall that connects the lobby to the casino. THE most moving presentation of craftsmanship at it finest…

DSC00191I can’t imagine how much time went into producing something so intricate. There are more domes with frescoes that house some of the most beautiful Venetian glass chandeliers I have ever seen. Some have to be at least twenty feet wide.

DSC00210DSC00198DSC00192This sconce is against a mirrored wall the makes it look twice as big. A beautiful effect in person. A lot of the sparkle is lost in the photo.

DSC00196A very simple bronze wall sconce is tastefully surrounded by moldings.

DSC00171Completely different from all the formal crystal and Murano Glass is this very simple hand wrought iron sconce that is gas fired with a flame instead of a bulb. They are so charming and old world when seen in person.


The doors are another adventure. Because of all the restaurants and boutiques, each one has to really stand out to get the attention of clientele. It is certainly not just about the product but also the ambiance and statement made by each individual owner’s location. The bronze etched Art Deco doors that lead into Barney’s reminded me of retro New York City. I almost expected the Bell man to be standing outside with his hat and white gloves.

DSC00205Le Cirque also has the Art Deco feel with their Bronze doors and etched glass.

DSC00178Although it is very simple, this bronze lobby door is tastefully done in a sophisticated French style.

DSC00185This door handle was close to three feet long. The detail, combined with the carved stone orb really stood out at the entrance to the restaurant.


I was really attracted to and impressed with this piece. Completely different than what I am usually drawn to, this is an entire wall made from metal “scales” that are placed to resemble a fish in front of the restaurant Yellowtail. Probably all that gold….

DSC00179And speaking of gold, I couldn’t resist the moldings all done in gold leaf

DSC00194DSC00211If I allowed myself to showcase everything I felt was worth seeing this would probably be a five part entry. However, I tried to focus on the most captivating items I could find. Just for fun, as I was passing through one of the shopping galleries, I had to take a photo of a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk that was on display in the window.

DSC00182DSC00183In the Fendi store is a replica of the Trevi Fountain in Italy. What a surprise to turn around and see it there just like the real thing!

DSC00147After about eight hours of walking I had to buy a box of Bandaids, and a pair of fleece lined flat shoes so I could walk outside to get a cab. I was spent! I could not take one more step nor did I want to. I headed outside but had to take this photo which brought me back to the reality of where I was.

DSC00201I couldn’t wait to get back to my design challenged room with the huge soaking tub. All of a sudden I realized why someone had the courtesy to put one in the bathroom. A nice long soak and room service. My day was complete!DSC00140


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