Timeless Design; RALPH LAUREN

7bae3ad9ca1a0244f259e4cb7667a422In my opinion, Ralph Lauren is a genius. He has created an enduring fashion empire, a home products and accessories line, a major lifestyle brand, has a vintage car collection that has been showcased in his ads and major museums, and  is generously philanthropic. (One of his main charities is the “Pink Pony” collection which benefits cancer research.)  He also manufactures the only perfume that I can stand to use every day.

70827cf0fc723b04772e001094d088a9But the one thing that makes his entire product line so enticing is his use of Equestrian themes and the whole lifestyle that is shared by horse lovers world wide.33be5ffe74763c6de8db266f248ab80aHis clothing is made for riding.

82d16a691f23ec38bea58a1e559ee661And some is pure fantasy.

e418c035e3bbd99c2fd9ecc73f709e84His rooms have always been done with fine antiques, deep gem colors, rich textures of velvets and linens and always a sporting touch.


I’ve always imagined myself after a beautiful day of riding outdoors, arriving at my English country estate and being served a fine gourmet dinner.

3535335c0de00491bcab1391f3ea1991Maybe some billiards afterwards?

113187d37cf646e75a186c7c0020da6bThen retiring to my master suite for a good night’s sleep.

89958ee59f47649794262507ddf20f4eLast year, Ralph Lauren debuted a new collection called “Aspen Lodge”. It is a big departure from the traditional and formal look he has presented for so many years. The new look is all about relaxed fabrics, neutral colors, reclaimed woods and unfussy details.

bd5969257209c4423a3c19c2c247dc73Think “Log Cabin Chic” meets “Urban Cowboy”. b27e1297e2f2de691abb912ae434d9faStill just as beautiful and timeless as the older collections! The furniture has an aged look that feels like the pieces have been passed down through the generations.

49d00d794da55a5f1341bace62ab1751Reclaimed wood pieces have the look of priceless antiques with the benefit of modern craftsmanship.aff9e919b51a488ba5df0260dc91f3c3b99563550061e2c859d9460b75874563And of course this is a particular favorite of mine- an aged reproduction wood and gilded framed mirror….. SO ME!!!

295e64c4cba838da6ef48c45c23aa789If you didn’t already know, in true form to his brand “Polo”, Ralph Lauren actually sponsors a real Polo Team named “BlackWatch”.  The captain, and most famous member of the team is Nacho Figueras.

Nacho also happens to be the official face for Ralph Lauren’s men’s line and travels the world riding in polo matches to raise money for many charities while also promoting all things Ralph.


30456_130764630289556_2189655_nFor the 2012 Olympics in London, Ralph Lauren was also given the honor of designing the official team uniform for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

50a864e36561dcad2d790c9abf1c2ce8Although the uniforms met some criticism and controversy, Team USA proudly wore them as they entered the arena. Included in that crowd was my very dear friend, Donna Ponessa. Donna was representing our country by earning one of four spots on the United States Para Equestrian Dressage Team. Here she is as the ultimate Ralph Lauren Model and ultimate Role Model!

301113_3447689001013_1776302323_nThank you, Ralph Lauren for your inspiration and generosity. Especially from those of us in the Equestrian community.


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