Today, I had a revelation. I realized I really love the color pink. I have always LIKED  it, but now I LOVE it. I mean really LOVE!!  In fact, I even realized in my last entry – I must really love pink because I have just stayed in a pink hotel!

a1f50243a9fc42cecd314c84204e3308Even as I walked around my house today, I realized how many pink possessions I actually have.

My slippers are pink.

DSC00288I recently bought this painting of pink flowers at an auction


In my handbag is a pink notebook, camera cover and change purse.

DSC00287My favorite scarves are pink.

DSC00290My polo shirts for the barn are pink.

DSC00289A few of my favorite antique pieces are pink.

DSC00291Lipsticks galore, jewelery, accessories…all pink!

DSC00292Even an old Barbie that sits on a shelf is rockin’ some knee high pink boots.

DSC00293I then realized when I turned on my laptop and looked at my Pinterest account…

What’s the only color you see?

37f743c75fa7b780e91d732112b180bfWhat about this room?

a2e98eb7eec98ffef39570dfec1adc64What about this gorgeous wallpaper vignette?

e006764ecf09922d786e988f98318af8Are you seeing a pattern here? I am….

Recently,  I joined an interactive website for Designers and this is the first room I managed to create


So without trying to analyze this too much, I just did some reflecting and figured out the following;

DSC00286In January, 1987 I gave birth to my first child, a boy. Five years later, I gave birth to my daughter. As a working designer, I immediately had visions of the most incredibly feminine, ruffled, sweet and pretty PINK room for this precious little girl to grow up in. I purchased yards of every pattern of Laura Ashley fabric that I could find in pink. I could envision the patchwork quilt, drapery to match, wallpaper, pillows;  EVERYTHING would be drenched in pink flowers.

laura-ashleyLittle did I know that by the time I got around to finally making all these things, that my little girl was able to speak and express her hatred of all things pink. I believe her words were “It’s not cool”. She ended up with tie dye, batik, four different color walls and hanging beads instead of a door. So much for that idea!

So here I am, 21 years later and still craving an all pink room. Fortunately, we are in the process of building a new smaller home and instead of having two guestrooms, I decided I needed an office all to myself. The planning started from day one.

Remember this?

DSC00091I got out the gilding and new fabric and now I have this…

DSC00294And certainly you must remember this?

021Once again, gilding and new fabric….DSC00301I LOVE IT!!!!!

I just wish construction on the house was this fun. To keep me motivated, in spite of all the aggravation, frustration, and delays, I put a pretend office together. I am so happy with the result!!

DSC00298So far, it has been almost two years since the house project started. I know that we will finish, as hard as it is to stay positive. But one thing is for sure….. Someday soon, I will be writing my blog surrounded by pink and enjoying every minute of it!



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