A Promise to Myself

First of all I am so happy to say “Goodbye February, Hello March!”

When I moved into the house I live in, I was 20 years younger. That means two falls from a horse, broken vertebrae and ribs later;  four days a week of tennis and bum elbow later;  a bad fall from a bike and bad knee later, and other various ailments that I have come to know as “aging”. Before all these ailments another one of my passions was gardening. This is an example of a garden I created from scratch, including breaking the stone and fitting it like a mosaic.260_1023623995717_4305_nThis garden still exists but is so overgrown with ivy and weeds. At the height of my gardening hobby, we even built a beautiful shed to house my vast collection of gardening tools.

260_1023623955716_3951_nAnd of course our many auction trips always included some kind of statuary to bring home.260_1023623795712_2606_nI even rigged a wall fountain but it didn’t work too well, so i planted in it instead.

260_1023623875714_3283_nI planted ivy in the hopes of it trailing up the house just like all the old Chateaux in France.

260_1023623555706_578_nWhat a mistake that was! I didn’t know that it is because of a million ants that the ivy will stick and it is next to impossible to remove, but still, I loved the way it looked.

I couldn’t wait for the sunrise every day. I loved to feel the morning dew on my feet, the warmth of the sun, and a full day’s work of pruning, planting, mulching, digging and watering.

The end of the day reward was dinner served outside while admiring my work. And the best part??? I didn’t ache the next day. So now that we have decided to move , I thought I would plan a smaller house with a yard that is low maintenance.

Property purchased, building started, and the excitement began.100_8811Things were progressing nicely..100_8926Then came that sick feeling that something wasn’t right…Rule #1 about building and contracting a house?  NEVER LOSE CONTROL and never relinquish control completely to anyone.

Building a new home is the ultimate form of babysitting. You MUST be detail oriented and you MUST be at the site every day to oversee every nail and board that is put in place. If one thing is done incorrectly, the rest of the process suffers. Unfortunately, this has been our scenario. After many discrepancies in sizes, dimensions and mistakes, we came to the sickening conclusion. We had hired and had paid what equaled about a years worth of Ivy League tuition to an architect that proved to be unprepared to carry out such a simple project. Our job was now under review from our building board. In English??? No more construction to be done until said problems are corrected to their approval. My beautiful custom hand hewn pine trusses have endured several snowstorms, ice, rain and wind gusts.

IMG-20121205-00303Trying to be positive and unselfish, I thought about all my friends that lost their homes to the ground from hurricane Sandy, and don’t have a place to go. As I watched them persevere I would do the same.

Damage control has been expedited. New Architect, new site manager, all new bids and all new attitude. I WILL finish this house and WILL have it the way we dreamed, however one thing has definitely changed….

I want the BIGGEST perennial garden I could ever imagine. I will be SO happy to be outside again in the warm sun and wake up to a rainbow of pink, purple, blue and white flowers blooming in front of me as I sip my morning coffee from my stone patio. I will have roses..

special_pink_roses-1280x800david-austin-pink-roseI will have every color of hydrangeas possible!

hydrangeas-1Hydrangeas_bushI will have peonies..

peonies3pink-peonies-cDelphiniums..th8798305484830Hollyhocks in every shade..Hollyhocks1HollyhocksAnd of course, Lavender!

20100824lavenderlavenderI will be so happy and content to be outside again, smell the different aromas and enjoy the beauty of nature once again.

It has been a two year process so far and I keep telling myself to hang in there because it will be worth every moment. I might not go so far as to be using the hedge trimmer , or climbing on ladders to prune magnolia trees, but I will be elated to prune flowers and have them proudly on my table for my guests to enjoy while visiting! Hopefully that day is not that far away.



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