Carolyn Quartermaine and “Trouvais”

Call me a late bloomer, but I won’t be offended. Basically every Design blogger in Cyber Space has already featured Carolyn Quartermaine and her fabrics, but it is now my turn. I want to share MY reason…


In the world of Interior Design, there are trends and there are classics. As a designer, I have always succumbed to trends at the request of a client, but personally, I am a classic lover. If I am going to invest into a piece of furniture, a decorative object, or something as simple as a fabric, I want to know that I can live with it for a very long time. That is why I absolutely love the fabrics produced by Caroline Quartermaine.

carolyn_quartermaine_fabrics2Carolyn is based in London and produces the most beautiful line of painted silk fabrics. She has been around for quite some time, but it was only recently that I decided I wanted to incorporate her work into my new office. That is how I found my new blog friend Trish, owner and writer of the Design blog Trouvais. ( One of Trish’s hobbies is collecting vintage fabrics. ( and what a collection!) I saw she was going to be selling some Quartermaine fabrics and I immediately contacted her. She sent me photos of what she had, and to my excitement there it was!!!!

downloadMy Holy Grail of Fabrics!! From the “Script Collection”, Trish had several cuts of the pink color!!  I have been trying for quite some time to locate this fabric to no avail. Trish barely finished her email to me before I could reply “I’ll take it”. I want to put it in the room with my newly covered settee.


I am not sure what I will do with it yet, but I know I will use every little last scrap of it. Thank you again, Trish! You have made me very happy!

Following are some more photos of the collection “Script” all from Carolyn Quartermaine.

quartermaine6This is SOOOO beautiful!

8240_1287186825_5And I love the boldness of these. What a great accent to any room.mozart-carolyn-quartermaine-trouvaisThis is not the Script, but a floral. So simple and pretty. Notice behind the chairs the drapery is the Script, which is done on a sheer fabric instead of silk. Great for diffusing light, but not too heavy looking. I also wouldn’t mind owning the chairs.

PINK Chairs by Carolyn QuartermaineHere, the Script is printed onto a stripe. A gilded French settee wears it perfectly.

dscn30340001dscn3034Linen Script has been upholstered onto a simple Bergere for a more relaxed feel..

ReupholsterFrench CHairs Hild_0111_edited-1This is a well presented vignette with accessories. The musical theme fabric is another favorite of mine.

CQ fabric detailA close up of one of the fabrics that has been enhanced by additional brush strokes in complimentary colors, enables you to see the details.

Carolyn Quartermaine's script fabric web I would love to do this sheer pattern on my windows. It is so feminine, simple and elegant.

VqL1ENO9Ilg525zoXqNbwn2qo1_500The same fabric in a different color with coordinating get the full effect, you may refer back to my post “PINK”. As the house progresses, I cannot wait to actually be photographing everything as it is meant to be in each room. It is said “patience is a virtue”, so for someone who has very little, I SO look forward to that day!


11 thoughts on “Carolyn Quartermaine and “Trouvais”

  1. Hi Sue! Looking forward to your “I got it” email…you’ll be able to tell the package is from me with your eyes closed! Not a scrap goes to waste! When you have Quartermaine fabric…you start looking for furniture to buy that will go with it! XO Trish


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  3. I am in Australia and my girlfriend is in love with a chair you have and I would love to make her happy as she is going though a trying time at present can you deliver to qld australia and how much per chair thanks


    • Those chairs are from a magazine photo. Unfortunately, I cannot sell them, but if you are able to purchase the fabric from a vendor in your area you can have them upholstered onto chairs of your choice.


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