Welcome Spring! (?)

This groundhog, commonly known as “Punxatawney Phil” is the Northeasterner’s version of The Farmer’s Almanac. Every year, Mr. Phil comes out of hibernation and legend has it, whether he sees his shadow or not, it is an indication of an early spring or extended winter.Barney, Cousin to Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, PAWell, this year I think Phil screwed up because there are a lot of people who want to go “Bill Murray” on him right now. Apparently, on Groundhog Day he predicted an early spring. As we all know up here, he was seriously WRONG!!!!  My Facebook friend, Janet summed it up today very well….

I am in the “THEM” category.551980_559830247383687_913137109_nOf course I would love to be making a sand snowmen, but the best I can do is start planning some projects for the nice weather. I want to share a lot of information I have gathered from a very long winter’s worth of playing on my laptop. I have discovered so many interactive sites and have spent MANY hours learning them, and utilizing them to network and find great ideas.

Today’s post comes courtesy of Pinterest and the people who have taken the time to photograph and share their ideas and creations. 7807ab2f8eeb4520b60fceb493c484d1Container Gardening is for everyone. It does not matter where you live, if you have a yard or not, or even if you don’t have a very green thumb!greenthumb Container Gardening is very easy to do and the fun part is the creativity. Even now, the home stores are starting to stock up on the early bloomers such as tulips, hyacinth and pansies. So go ahead and get started because a container garden can even be left inside for a kick start on the season.

A lot of my friends ride horses and/or own a barn so these ideas are perfect for all the barn items that are no longer usable for their original purpose. Have an old water trough?

This is so much prettier !

447e98b81e1ec260e27cdd8b7f703714I am sure everyone has an old wheelbarrow laying around somewhere. Can’t you see these at the entrance to the farm?

b3f91506eed223af6ff4bfa0553c187bOr this one?39218f6e4cf1a1a37a3a9e5af55b800eHow many people lost trees from the hurricane? If you are left with an ugly stump, this a perfect way to make it beautiful and so easy to do!

5bc37705281c51fa8df2b495fed1e76fGot an old door laying around? Even add a window box to it and this is what you can do…

b02a27197ee76f320987f08e10ce8625Even though this is not for flowers, every farm is loaded with hoses for all the watering that is needed. This is a great idea to keep them off the ground. A simple 4×4 post and a ready made finial and hook is all you need. Of course a container garden at the bottom really would be a nice touch!3ee21dd95dcc91fc259129b8eeffc090Everyone that rides probably has some “wellies” or a pair of waterproof boots or clogs that need to be retired. They are so colorful and really are fun to use as a container.

5b4b148a4595afd319a369aca2ae49bcIs there an old window laying around that is broken? Remove the glass and hang a single pot inside each section.

0e1edc4b4391bfa4855fa7ed150dc70cIf you have shutters, the same thing can be done as the window. At a salvage yard, old shutters can be purchased for very little money, making this idea fun and affordable.

7437b42b1fc82f1dc7da9d20a7a8576bA bunch of old unused containers and watering cans can be arranged into a group.

6fa0500bad260d2978f5a9b8246bf167An unused birdbath is perfect for planting and the layers can even cascade down by adding vines that trail.

9f126fcd03bd93b0c3dc7ceabd9afbcfStacking containers by inserting a metal pole into the ground and using it to support the containers. This creates a cascade effect.

4d6e7db251cc96ba39d36fce29dfeafeIf you are lucky enough to find planters like these, fill them with trailing succulents and have fun with all your new friends with cool hair! Just don’t forget to water them!


Do you have an small piece of furniture that no longer is usable inside?

012031b228bc000b7a515d10be7caf6eFill the drawers with flowers!


Window boxes are a classic example of container gardening.

3f0949a8445a64118e488d0a9f001f76The biggest dilemma you will have is what mix to use. This is the part that makes me crazy. I love them all but don’t have enough spaces for every one.

Should I use one of everything?

2bb6f7088a66c9883709869047396517Or stick to one kind?

6967c4bff86fc55e559e9956b5db0190How about a simple blend?

5759f3c575f569a4045964e6fe120b70Or when in doubt, just go PINK!!

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and Happy Planting!


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