Think Modular

With the state of the housing market today, it is difficult for people to obtain financing for a new home. Bargains are out there to be had, but unfortunately with a lot of concerns and hidden costs. Whether it is a short sale, foreclosure or simply abandoned, the buyer has to worry about extra fees such as liens, unpaid taxes or the cost of renovations.

There is a very cost effective alternative available to almost anyone..

Modular Homes!

Below is an example of what is being produced in factories now.

pontevedraThe modular home industry has come a very long way compared to 20 or 30 years ago. When people would hear “modular” their first thought would be a trailer. Not anymore! This home has also been manufactured by a modular company.

slider-hp-1Trailers are definitely an affordable option for people who want to have the advantage of ownership , however good location is not always an option. Modular homes are the same concept as trailers, however there are so many options available. Would you ever guess that this home was made in a factory?luxury homeOr this one?

modular-log-homes-0Modulars no longer are limited to the stereotypical “box”. Many levels, dormers, turrets, balconies and wrap around porches are some of the many options offered to prospective buyers.

modular-home-designsAs you can also see, the designs are beautifully executed and are not limited to vinyl siding. Traditional, contemporary, country; even logs are some of the architectural styles that can be built.Green Modular Home by Deltec Green TeamRound, square, rectangular, “A frame”….If you can think of it there is a company that can manufacture it.

Beautiful-Prefab-Modular-House-Design-in-South-AfricaA great advantage to purchasing modular is that location is not an issue. If you can purchase property that is build-able by having access to all necessary utilities, then the rest is fairly simple.Highland-winterEach manufacturer is different in the styles, details and finishes that they offer, so researching is very important. You will need to make a lot of decisions. How many bedrooms and baths? How much square footage? Outside finish?silo-home-1Modular home builders are setting up factories everywhere, so finding one that fit your needs should be easy. Become familiar with the different ways they operate. ASK QUESTIONS!!! Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, the company takes it from there.

Usually, the company will give you a price for the entire home, as finished. Financially, what will be an extra cost will be all the prep work on the property you purchase. Excavation, foundation and utility hookups are some of those things. But don’t panic! A lot of the companies are able to assist you with those phases, also.

The point is, in the long run, going Modular can be a much more cost effective way to go. And you also end up with a brand new house instead of a fixer upper.

modular-shelter-Barn-with-PoolModular homes are literally manufactured in warehouses. The house is made into sections, and each section is finished almost completely including windows, cabinets, and flooring.

SmartHomeDepending on the style of the house determines how much is done before delivery.

modular-home-factory-700When the indoor construction is completed, the structure gets delivered to the site in sections.uc1513The pieces are attached to the foundation in a specific order.

SPCA-buildingAnd in no time at all, the house takes shape, as shown by this A frame.

img_1430And by this Colonial 3 car garage with dormers

SAMSUNG The interiors can vary just as much as the exterior. Again, depending on the manufacturer, you are able to pick from their specific inventory of finished products. These include cabinets, tile, carpet, vanities, faucets etc. For extra charges, you can upgrade just as if you were to build in a sub-division.texas-kitchen-073Depending on your budget, things can elaborate, 4AFC6C6F-F6B3-B1B6-3A89599C1580B274or they can be simple.

Chadwick-8-1024x682Once everything is finished, it is hard to tell the difference between a manufactured home versus a custom made.

The following photos are all examples of modular interiors.2009-09-modular-homes-interior-design-koby-Cottage-picturesBluffton014-1024x755Chadwick-7-1024x682doubleeagle-int1PVODNIKR1interiorforhomesIn Poland, there is a very famous modular home. It was built by philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski as a statement of the former communist rule in Poland and its impact on the people of Poland. This house is located in the town of Szymbark. This house is a gathering for tourists to see the unique shape of this house, and certainly not conventional!

Modular-Home-in-Polandia-3How fun would it be to build this and actually be able to live in it?


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  1. I was one of those people who thought modular equated “double wide trailer”. Thanks for opening my eyes & broadening my horizons! D

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