Horse Trailer Glam-Over

This past week in New York, the weather was finally feeling like spring. Sunny and warm in the 70’s, it was perfect for riding outdoors and getting ready for the first show of the season. Unfortunately, that includes cleaning the trailer from last season.DSC00384Trailer cleaning is not fun. It is messy, smelly and unrewarding and no one wants to help.

So this year I had an idea.

Although we own three horses, I plan on showing only one of them this season. That means the trailer is all mine… My space, my rules, my organization.

I decided that the dressing room, which had no room for dressing, would be cleared out completely of all supplies. I could now have a real room/sitting area to myself.

DSC00385A blank canvas to have fun with! And it’s all mine! I could now put the broom, shovel, buckets, hoses, fans, tack trunks and everything else into the back of the trailer into the side that will not be used for a second horse.

So where to start?

Color scheme, of course. There was no question that pink would be used, but I needed something else.


Since my daughter had moved out, she had some pieces in her room that she did not take, so I decided that they were now mine.

Painting was so easy. I bought a latex paint that has a primer in it so all I had to do was fill in the sections with two coats and my room was ready for decorating.

DSC00386I wanted a fun and feminine Hollywood feel, so I used lots of shine.

I bought a cute chandelier from Lowe’s and cut the wire. I tied it to one of the ceiling seams made from aluminum.

DSC00390Maybe at some point I can wire it so that it really works, but for now it’s just for show. I took an old mirrored table from my house and it fits perfectly into the rounded end of the room. A silk orchid, horse statue and candle are secured in place with putty.DSC00391A lawn chair is just the right size, comfortable and is able to be brought out when we are tailgating at the showgrounds. Some “outdoor friendly” throw pillows add color and comfort.

DSC00394In front of the chair is an ottoman that I also took from my house. It’s perfect for putting up my feet if I want to study my test or take a nap.

DSC00393My friend Chris gave me this photograph that she took in 1999. The statue is a reproduction of a DaVinci that was touring the United States until it went to Italy for permanent display.

DSC00392The window panels I purchased at a local store that sells all kinds of bedding, towels and drapes that are slightly irregular. They are a shiny silver stripe and are held back with black holders with crystal balls on the ends, so privacy is an option when changing clothes.

So to see the finished product, open the door with the appropriate label,

DSC00387 and see the final result!

DSC00388It was so easy to do and much more attractive and enjoyable than the way it was before.

I wish I had this truck to pull my trailer!

3c4a5d84c82f96e1771fd22bb70f0912And to top it off, have the trailer painted to match the truck!

141092fc91fff5644a4534f24fe66c0bUnfortunately, my next project is organizing the back of the trailer. Not pretty and not fun, but someone’s gotta do it.

DSC00396I think I’ll buy some lawn Flamingos. Come visit if you see me at a show!


13 thoughts on “Horse Trailer Glam-Over

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! You created a beautiful space! I just bought my 1st trailer for $550.00 and, needless to say, it is a restoration project. I thought about trimming out with mercury paint. I need to research durability. Love the pink!


  2. Love, love! I just bought a red trailer today with a decent sized tack room. You have inspired me to go over the top with my “trick my trailer project.” Thanks


  3. Thanks so much for this post. I love it and I am addicted to chandeliers. Not a pink kinda girl (but love your set up with the pink. it’s not to much) but I am thinking a gray with lots of teal/turquoise accents.


  4. This is so cool! I thought about doing something like this. Seeing yours gives me the courage To do it too. I have a cute pink plug in chandelier that can hang. I was thinking a blow up chair would really work in it too. I think it’s going to be fun to fix up mine! Pink is also my favorite color
    How did you set up your horsey needs in the empty part where a horse goes? I only have one horse so I don’t need the other side either.
    Thanks for the super great idea!


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