A Day at Covent Garden

Today, I am in London. As always, I invite myself to join the husband while he works, and I get to explore. Instead of heading straight to Harrod’s, I decided to get creative and go someplace I haven’t been.

We are staying in Regent Park and the hotel is very nice.DSC00399Of course my eyes are always drawn to the details, so I took this photo of the moldings for future reference. They are painted black with gold leaf overlay.

DSC00403The hallways are beautifully done in mahogany wainscoting  and doors with bright brass fittings. I feel like I am on an old vintage cruise ship.

DSC00475Because Monday was a Bank Holiday here, a lot of things were closed. We had been told that the Jubilee Market was open and would be fun to go to.

DSC00423Jubilee Market is an open Flea/ Antique Market that is only open on Mondays so we bought our tickets to the metro and headed over.

There were hundreds of booths with all kinds of fun vintage items. Even if you are not looking to purchase anything, the sights are very entertaining. One thing that we noticed is that the British are really cashing in on the popularity of their “Keep Calm” campaign!

DSC00409DSC00440Next to the market is another covered two story area where there are lots of food vendors, entertainment and tables to take a break from all the shopping.

DSC00415DSC00426From the balcony I noticed probably the biggest pot of Paella being made by a vendor in the courtyard.

YUM!DSC00427There even is an old fashioned cigar and snuff shop.

DSC00416A string quartet was playing for the enjoyment of everyone seated down below.DSC00414We overdosed on caffeine at Le Pain Quotedien. It is a coffee chain throughout Europe that I love to go to. The shop is made entirely from old scrubbed pine cabinetry and carrera marble. It’s so quaint and cozy!

DSC00419DSC00418DSC00420We did leave with some purchases…a piece of china to add to our collection,


and a remnant of a beautiful French silk embroidered fabric for some throw pillows.


The weather was perfect for all of the walking we did. After a long day, we decided to return to have a well deserved dinner. We got back on the Metro for a short trip back to the hotel.

Even  the underground is very quaint. It is decorated with original appropriately named Subway Tiles, as in this sign.

DSC00405Obviously, just another way to say “EXIT”, but the most common phrase which has come to be synonymous with British mass transit is..

DSC00404Now off to Harrod’s..



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