Great Gatsby Fever

I have just returned from London and Great Gatsby Fever is everywhere. Art Deco is the trend of the moment. Clothing, jewelry, home furnishings; everywhere I went I was treated to the wonderful elements of the era.

I remember in the 90’s, my favorite showroom to go to was J. Robert Scott in the D&D building. To me, Sally Sirkin Lewis, the founder of the company was the ultimate woman gifted with vision and execution.


Her brand was based on the neutrals, crystals, shine, lacquers and metal all synonymous with the Art Deco period. Her showroom would always take my breath away every time I would visit.

71Needless to say, with the popularity of the movie affecting a new generation, I am brought back to one of my favorite design eras of all time.

Tonight I will be attending a preview party for the movie. However, I know I will be in my seat not listening to the dialogue. I will be intensely looking at the backgrounds of every scene. I will be marveling at the furniture, wall finishes, accessories and architecture. That is what I do. I live for design.

So while in London, I found out Harrod’s Department Store had used their windows to pay tribute to the Great Gatsby Movie. What a pleasant surprise it was!


I felt like I was the young girl in Manhattan in the 60’s at Christmas time. We would bundle up from the cold in to go see the beautiful and very famous window displays from Barney’s. This time around it was Harrod’s in May.

DSC00505The building is very large and covers what could be comparable to the size of the New York City Macy’s. The windows circle the entire block and I tried to photograph every one of them as best as I could.

So if you can’t get to the movie, at least enjoy the show of vintage style photos. The experience was complete with my very own doorman!


F. Scott Fitzgerald would have been proud!


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