It has been a while since I returned from London but before I clear the camera, I just wanted to share the random photos that still remained.

The first bunch are some of the buildings in Camden. They are all adorned with enormous objects, mostly footwear. I am guessing they are a form of advertising, however what would that mean for this store?

Planes =Leather

DSC00441These are a little more obvious.

DSC00444And so are these-

DSC00442Shoes are the product of choice


DSC00473On the other side of town, one more display window theme was for the Royal Ascot, which is the British version of the Kentucky Derby with much better hats.

DSC00491This door was on a side street of Harrod’s and was probably twenty feet tall.

DSC00498While walking,I found this enclosed mall with the most beautiful architectural detail.DSC00508And for a grand finale, while stopped at a red light in a taxi, I noticed this huge horse looking like he was grazing on the grass, (or eating a truck!)

DSC00507Now I can clear the camera. Hope you enjoyed the quick trip!



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