DSC00592This past weekend I ventured to Rhinebeck, N.Y. to attend a fair sponsored by Country Living Magazine. It was a beautiful sunny day and the secadas were in full force with their loud hum.

I have to admit I was not prepared for a venue of this size. My first clue was the brochure I was given to navigate the fairgrounds and the list of activities (seminars, entertainment, book signings and exhibitions) that were planned throughout the weekend.

DSC00553At the entrance to the fair was an exhibit put together by SISTERS ON THE FLY  (i in conjunction with COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE. As described in the program the “Sisters on the Fly travel the country in customized vintage RV trailers, promoting empowerment and sisterhood through outdoor adventure.”DSC00548The trailers were decorated and on display along with the merchandise for sale by each individual “Sister”.

DSC00544The RV’s are complete with eating areas,

DSC00545….kitchenettes, and a cozy little bed.

DSC00546DSC00551These woman were a friendly and welcoming bunch and are always looking for ideas to give back to their communities, so please look them up and consider joining or helping in some way!

DSC00549The Sister’s set the mood for what was ahead of me – lots of great  entertainment, food and of course, shopping!

DSC00555The rest of the fair was mostly set inside among the buildings that are on the fairground property.  I began my journey in the main facility. I looked over the railing to see a lot of people enjoying a free country music concert.

DSC00556This building was the introduction to the fair. At the entrance stood these rooster topiaries perched on top of pieces made from real bark.

DSC00557The “Harvest Market ” had many food vendors who sold their products. Besides the vendors, on display were dining tables which were set to various themes.DSC00558They all reflected a country feel.

DSC00559DSC00560DSC00562Another warm-up for what lay ahead! DSC00586Hand made fabric banners hung at the entrance to another vendor area.DSC00585The first booth I went to was THE RED DOOR Antiques.( I immediately saw this adorable foot stool.

DSC00565Next was SAGE FARM ANTIQUES ( I was drawn to their time worn collection of furniture and accessories. This bench got lots of attention with it’s bright blue color.

DSC00567What I thought was a display of several pieces was actually a single very creative bathroom vanity!

DSC00569A miniature bath tub held candles but would have been perfect as a country beverage cooler.

DSC00570There were hundreds of vendors and I was determined to see every one despite the crowds and heat!DSC00583At Mike and Jodie Roberts’ booth, ( I was drawn to the French flair that was displayed by them.

DSC00578Gold leaf everywhere but also a touch of white and weathered…

DSC00576I even found an addition to my collection of small, unframed paintings!

DSC00620I continued walking through the wood shavings feeling like I was at the barn. I felt right at home.

DSC00573Vintage gold leaf chandeliers…

DSC00579Feminine floral accessories with vintage quilts as backgrounds…DSC00582More splashes of pink….

DSC00584One vendor sold printed burlap and linen goods. Tables were piled high with pieces waiting to be made into pillows or put onto furniture.DSC00587DSC00588Now I have to decide what to do with mine!

DSC00619Christmas even came early to the fair. One vendor sold ornaments and accessories for the holidays.

DSC00590I found these plates for $4.00…

DSC00618On my way to the next building I saw this dresser. It was so realistic looking with it’s faux painted quilt on top.DSC00591And speaking of quilts, I had to take a picture of this one, made from pieces of vintage French fabric.DSC00595Recently, I purchased some half shades for sconces I will be putting in the new house. Coincidentally, to my right was the vendor who made them, Susan Schneider from SHANDELL’S (shandell’ makes all shapes and sizes of lamp shades in lots of fun and pretty paper and parchment. She also offers assorted accessories like this covered match box holder, that she so graciously gave me for being a customer. What makes it extra special is the equestrian theme and quote!DSC00617I also couldn’t resist taking a picture of her vase full of fresh peonies..

DSC00597Next to Susan was Chrisie Cordrey of CORDUROY SHOP (  Chrisie has just launched a new business in Hudson N.Y. which offers a mix of “all things textile”. If you are in her area, please drop in!DSC00599DSC00600With about four buildings still ahead of me, I got something cold to drink and continued to browse.

This vendor was a crowd favorite for obvious reasons..

DSC00602La CIGALE ( brought me back to wandering the back streets of France..DSC00610…while OLD FAVORITES ( took me to the feeling of South Beach!

DSC00611My last stop was at Mike Rawson’s booth, THE ROCKING HORSE CARVER (

Mike has to be one of the most talented and humble craftsman I have ever met. One by one, in his workshop, he creates these amazing pieces of functional art..

DSC00605DSC00604Mike also displays a horse in the construction phase, allowing the customer to see and appreciate the long process of layering and hand carving his blend of woods. Each one is completely custom and even has a real mini saddle!

DSC00606Much walking and several purchases later, I think I had seen all there was to see, so it was time to head back to the car.

What country fair wouldn’t be complete without farm animals?

Especially the ones you don’t have to feed! There were cows..

DSC00609to pigs..DSC00612and of course, a horse!DSC00614Thank you, COUNTRY LIVING for putting together such a great event!framefrenchgfairy002b

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