Architecture of Hudson, N.Y.

DSC00628The town of Hudson, N.Y. is about a two hour drive north of Manhattan. It is well worth the trip for a day or even a weekend. Over the years, I have watched Hudson grow and develop into what is now one of the area’s most popular antiquing, dining and art destinations.

As I strolled through the town last weekend, I was impressed by how much renovation has been done to most of the buildings.

If you have never been to Hudson, simply set your navigation system to Warren Street and park at the first spot you can find. Wear comfortable shoes and spend the day browsing and dining.

The following photos are all taken in the town and will give you an idea of the vast amount of architectural detail and history you will see during your visit.


DSC00627DSC00629DSC00634DSC00631DSC00641DSC00638DSC00637DSC00644DSC00642DSC00639DSC00650DSC00647DSC00646DSC00657DSC00652DSC00651DSC00663DSC00660DSC00658DSC00666DSC00665DSC00664DSC00671DSC00667DSC00668DSC00674DSC00673DSC00672DSC00677The last building is the old Armory. It used to be an Antique Mall, however at this time it is unoccupied.

DSC00678An Equestrian mural covers a space under constructionDSC00670framefrenchgfairy002b

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