Closet Confusion

Last week, I brought my dear friend and realtor to our property to give her the nickel tour of the framing job progression.  As we walked from room to room, I explained what room we were in and what my vision was for each space. As we finished, my friend very graciously told me it was lovely, but from a resale point of view, my closets were too small.  And you know what? She was absolutely right!

I immediately thought of Carrie Bradshaw’s original closet in her New York apartment.

Carrie Bradshaw Closet

Although considered small by today’s standard, I love the fact that she was able to store thousands of dollars of couture in her “small” closet. I also thought about the barely four foot wide closet I had in our very first home and how I managed to make use of it.


After what we have been through with the building process, the last thing on my mind is resale value. If someone wants to make us a ridiculous offer, than they can certainly worry about making a bigger closet.


 Today, closets have been taken to a level that most people can only dream of. They basically can be considered private boutiques.


Don’t get me wrong,…I would LOVE a closet like this, but I had decisions to make-

Did I want a great room that I could use to entertain and let people enjoy, or did I want a masterpiece closet that no one but me would be allowed to be in?8d0a3a49bc46bc2d325d7f617feee363

A closet like this is worthy of a store front on Madison Avenue.


From a design point of view they are beautifully done down to the smallest detail. Moldings, custom cabinetry and hardware – nothing is left undone.2960fc5803a773af59169b1472062a56

I would be more than happy to have a closet like these…


Especially if pink is involved and there is plenty of room for shoes..


and who can’t have enough crystal?


Imagine waking up in the morning to something like this..


I would never leave!

I love this one also..


Being a neat freak, I love the idea of organization and everything out of sight.


So my challenge will be to make a closet that is pretty and functional. It may not be what Mr. Big bought Carrie..

Closet sex-and-the-city-big-carrie-closet-1

But I will have plenty of money leftover to fill it with these!



Don’t Try This at Home!!


This blog entry is an attempt to make a VERY long story short and to also give hope to those who are in the midst of a construction crisis.

As a result of a bad choice of architect, who should not be allowed to practice in the state of New York, a “stop work” order was issued by the village we are building in.  Above is a photo of our project as it sat all winter.The purpose of the tarps was to protect our custom hand hewn trusses from warping. Obviously, the tarps did not work too well.

After 6 months of board meetings and approvals, hiring a new architect to draw completely new plans, and having to rip out the entire second floor of the already constructed house, we have finally resumed work to complete the framing and move on to finish what has now become a real life version of “The Money Pit”.


So now that I have had my breakdown, lost tons of sleep and have freed myself of the anger, I feel entitled to bragging rights and would like to share the process so far with you.


With respect to our new architect, who very bravely took on our project, the original architect shall hereby be referred to as “Dick”.

Our first clue as to something being not quite right was the glimpse into the basement entrance.

DSC00716It looked like a gymnastic balance beam was blocking us from installing a staircase.

Why didn’t Dick notice that?

 The turret, which was located at the front of the house,  was meant for the staircase to the second floor. It was impossible to build because, according to the framers, it would not structurally stand. Didn’t Dick realize that?


The new framers were even so competent as to build a temporary stairway to get to the second floor.

Why didn’t Dick think of that?

Because the stairs he designed were so steep they wouldn’t fit. Oh, and the beam he had going through the top of the turret would have knocked out anyone who attempted to go upstairs.


The new framers even know enough to construct templates to make sure the turret is ROUND!!

Dick wouldn’t have thought to do that.


The master bath originally had a third window above the existing two which was encased in a dormer. It had to be removed. The entire side of the house was incorrectly built to scale and had to be redrawn and rebuilt. I now own a $1000.00 custom Marvin window that has no purpose.

Thanks, Dick.

DSC00711The master bedroom needed two new windows because the original ones did not provide enough room for egress, which is the amount of space required by law necessary if exit through a window is needed.

Why didn’t Dick think of that?

DSC00710The upstairs bathroom called for a double vanity, a tub and shower. Dick’s dimensions were so off, that the bathroom that was framed could only fit a single sink, a toilet and maybe a 30″ shower pan.

The new plan has the bath moved to the other side of the house, which added a dormer and another $1000.00 Marvin window.

Thanks, Dick.

DSC00724My husband’s office framed out 3 feet shorter than the drawings. No wonder why the windows looked so low!


Why didn’t Dick see that?

The kitchen windows had to be expanded from 4 to 5 ( $2000.00 each) to make up for the space added to the room above it.

The only good thing is I have a beautiful western view of sunsets.


And speaking of views, coincidentally, right outside these windows grows a tree that Dick would probably have used if we had let him design the landscaping…

DSC00729My husband and I are convinced this is what Dick used to draft his plans-


The trusses in the great room are safely covered and work is beginning to have plywood to cover the entire house.


I am so glad we have a super new crew and will now proudly be writing about the progress that takes place. If anything I hope I can at least save someone from the nightmare we have endured and make the rest of the project a success.

And just remember- NEVER HIRE A “DICK”!