The Greenwich Cup

Labor Day has come and gone and unfortunately it is the end of all things summer.

I had to have my last hurrah…

It was a perfect sunny day at Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut and an even better venue awaited us.

Horses for me, rugby, cigars and fine scotch for the husband and lots of handsome polo players for the daughter.

The match was sold out but we were lucky enough to get a parking spot right by the Grandstand.


The food selection was from local restaurants and caterers. It was overwhelming how much there was to choose from.

At the entrance was the traditional champagne selection.


I settled at the booth of “RIZZUTO’S”  where I ate the most delicious cold seafood assortment.  Mussels, scallops, shrimp and crab in a light lemon dressing was my one and only choice.DSC00850

Before the match, there was a dog costume contest. Apparently, this is serious business with some tough competition.

My favorite was the three sisters dressed as ballerinas.


At 3:00 the polo match began.


I really wanted to join them, but so far my efforts at polo playing are not up to the speed that I saw. Still, it was fun to watch and see all the beautiful polo ponies.


Even hubby was happy enjoying two of his favorite things.


At halftime, the traditional “stomping of the divots” is held. Everyone goes on to the field and replaces all the grass kicked up by the horses.


The Grand Finale was finding the “Pretty Woman” in the tent with her matching dog, although I personally would have preferred to see Richard Gere.


We were even treated to a gift bag to bring home. Just a mental note for next time- never wear heels to a venue on grass!


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