Money Pit Update

Sadly, my brain has been programmed to receiving bad news in regards to our house. But I am very happy to say that this past month has been a very productive time and things are really coming along.

Again, a HUGE thanks to my builder, Joe Montana, of Montana Contracting in New York along with my husband who both patiently listen to and put up with my daily hormonal outbursts, meltdowns and tears.


The exterior stone has been delivered and is in the process of being applied.


The windows have been installed also.


This is the kitchen. I wanted it to have a conservatory look.


The roof is completely done. It is a work of art!


This lovely thing is a concrete tank to hold water runoff. Apparently, they are now required by the state and the size of them is determined by the square footage and pitch of the existing roof. The gutters are buried and meant to drain directly into them. Obviously, the state anticipates a lot of water, because I had to bury three of these and they are about 15′ wide and 5′ deep.



The garage floor is being poured today.


All the retaining walls required on the survey are completed. I want my whole yard with walls in different levels with lots of perennials.


The patio doors were one last reminder of a mistake made by “Dick”. I wanted knotty alder, he ordered mahogany. I hate them and can’t return them, so the one on the right is covered with a test stain that has brown in it to hide the red tones. I’m not sure I like it but I have no choice.


And finally the turret is complete, it fits, it works and the puzzle is complete and finished with my beautiful copper Fleur de Lis finial.


There is still a lot to do. The cable and electric have been buried, plumbing work continues and framing touch ups. Now is the part I really can’t wait for….sheetrock and decorating!!! My house will start to empty up and we will be able to walk freely. My three storage units can be emptied and I will no longer have a $1000.00 bill every month. My builder can free up his warehouse and get rid of my monster sized tub, my tile, and my 3000 lb. stone front door surround.

But the best part of all???

Not one person from the housing police in at least three weeks. I know I shouldn’t talk too loud, but what a pleasure to not see or hear from them. It’s sounds like a Master Card commercial-

Building a house in this neighborhood??? …$$$$$$$$$$

Not seeing or hearing from the housing police???……PRICELESS!!!!!!!


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