Old Tack, New Purpose

Almost everyone I know who rides horses has some place in their home, barn or even car, where they keep a pile of unused tack. This collection can vary depending on the discipline, but the most common items are bridle parts, used horse shoes, old bits, worn out stirrup leathers, and boots with broken zippers.


My collection takes up part of my garage, the back of the car and a good portion of my trailer. I keep saying I am going to sort it all out and do the “sell, donate or dispose” routine…..

Until then, I thought it would be fun to inspire everyone with some great ideas for repurposing these items.


With the holidays around the corner some of these ideas may even come in handy for gift ideas. They are all easy to do and may just take a little cleaning, some paint, glue, and a nail or two. The best part is that they may even have a carry a sentimental value, if the pieces came from a beloved Equine partner!

A Farrier can weld things for a small fee as in this toilet paper holder made from a curb bit.


A door knocker can be made with a stirrup and some gold paint.


A light switch cover is easily made from a used shoe.


Hanging the shoes from ribbons in colors and patterns that reflect your style adds a fun touch to a room.


A collection of jewelry holders would also make any young girl very happy.


Or simply use a stirrup to decorate a wreath made from holly.


If not holly, make a wreath from old show ribbons.


Or even use ribbons as simple wall hangings or as in this case, a makeshift headboard!


Replacing a broken zipper on inexpensive schooling boots is not worth the price, so shine them up and fill them with greenery.b74401139aa89332f9dd14f1ccb45e8d

Or hang them over the chimney with care!


A vintage silver trophy does a great job on a counter to hold utensils.


Bits can be used a lot of ways.

They can be framed to remember a special horse.


They can serve as napkin holders at a horse themed party.


If you like to sew, pillows are always a good idea.


A simple no-sew option? Tiebacks from stirrup straps.


Magazine holders would be a nice addition in the same room.


These pieces are vintage Gucci. They are letter holders and can certainly be reproduced using your own choice of paint and base material.



Not the creative type? Then just display it all!


Put your treasures out for all to see.


Knowing the cost of tack and even the cost involved in winning a single ribbon, I say be proud and show it off!


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