Already Thinking Spring

As the “Money Pit” is finally moving along, of course it is now time for freezing temperatures. Fortunately, most of the outside work has been completed (just some more stone over the ugly blue insulation) . Now it’s time to move to the inside work.

DSC01024As I patiently wait for the next phase, I started thinking ahead about SPRING! Landscaping will be needed and I have to be ready and armed when the weather gets warm. To make me feel better, I bundled up and went outside to take pictures of things we have collected over the years and want to bring with us and use in the new house. The first thing I thought about was our current front doors.


We purchased them 21 years ago at United Housewrecking in Stamford, Ct. We had them refinished and I made new stained glass panels for them. I would have loved to reuse them, but it was not worth the work.

Another thing I will really miss is my tool shed, that we built for all my gardening needs.


Once upon a time, before several horse riding injuries, I used to do a lot of gardening. Topiaries were everywhere, flowers, planters and window boxes were abundant and all shrubs were trimmed and maintained by me. In this shed is almost every tool imaginable. I will miss seeing the sweet outbuilding awash in blooms, but I will not miss the work.

These lanterns are very sentimental. We spent a long day in the Bowery looking for the perfect ones to put in the front and decided on these. Afterwards, we went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for a great dinner.

Sadly, they are staying.


Another thing that I love but have to leave is this fiberglass Bacchus with tile trim that I glued to the house. I am afraid to remove it because it will probably break.


The one thing we are not lacking is urns!


Rusty can be fixed with a little paint, but the most special are these:


At an auction many years, ago, my husband bought a metal mold for a planter and after a LOT of trial and error with cement, he perfected the process of making these. Right now we have about 20 of them so I really need to be creative next time around!

A pair of these gates, and lots more planters will come with us.




….As will a pair of these.


My sundial will definitely be coming because I really do use it when outside in the summer. It’s pretty amazing how the shadow of the arrow moves exactly to the time of day.


Statuary is everywhere and each one has a story, such as these three out of four of “The Seasons.”


My husband gave them to me as a gift and I love them and will be using them.

This one is a fountain but needs some work, so I just use it for decoration.


This poor lady needs some restoration but I’m not sure if I want to bother!


This a terracotta piece and what makes it so special is that the bowl the cherub is holding is a planter.


This metal arbor looks beautiful when all the climbing clematis is in bloom.


Instead of water, I plant in all three levels of this fountain.


This piece is very bittersweet. It marks the spot where many a beloved family pet has been buried.


A tin finial will have a home somewhere amongst lots of hydrangea.


And finally, even though the rust has gotten the better of this piece, I can scrape and re-spray to put a candle in it.


Before I know it, the peepers will be in full force, crocus will be emerging through the snow and weeping willow will be budding. That moment cannot come soon enough!