A Very Merry Christmas

This week, I attended the annual Christmas Carol sing along at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey. The night sky was aglow with an enormous full moon.


It is the second year I have gone and is the perfect way to put me in the mood for the Holiday season. Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera and tried my best to capture the beauty with my phone.

Approaching the Cathedral, the floodlights glow in the night sky, leading the way,  almost like the Star of Bethlehem.


The following two photos are the doorways that lead into the Cathedral.



In the lobby hang the official crest of the Cathedral


And plaques commemorating special events,


The floor is made from several types of marble laid in a classic pattern.


Open the doors and step into the most spectacular feast of Gothic architecture.


The detail is so beautiful.


The confessionals are all hand carved wood. Notice the angel finial detail.


Stations of the cross are marble mosaic surrounded by carved white marble.


The ceilings are vaulted using carved limestone and marble tile.


Votives were placed in all of the niches in the walls, doorways and balconies.



When it is time to sing the finale, one single candle is used to carry on a flame for everyone in the church to light the candle they are given. The lights are turned down and the entire room is lit by candlelight.


It was such a beautiful and heart warming event. Everyone using a light from the same single source was a sight to behold.

So in this spirit, I wish all of my followers a joyous Holiday Season, a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and lots of Good Heath!



1 thought on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. Reading your description was the next best thing to being there. You brought so much to the event. My gratitude to you and best wishes for the New Year. Ann


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