A Completed Project

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a piece that I planned on restoring after the holidays.


I am happy to say that the holidays are over and a snow and ice storm last week forced me to stay in and tackle my project.


So all supplies in order, I took over the kitchen island and set up shop.

At first I didn’t know where to begin, but just took it one small area at a time.


Little by little, I would mold, sculpt, touch up and paint.


I am very relieved and proud to say that I finished the work this past weekend. I would like to share the final results…


This piece is an old valance that was probably hung over a very ornate window treatment.


The detail is so intricate. After doing the restoration, I learned to appreciate the talents and patience of the old Masters who specialized in this type of work.



In this room will also be a vanity I purchased at United Housewrecking in Connecticut.1150883_632644490101565_2106855209_n

I have green onyx for the floors and am planning an aged mirror wall with gold rosettes that my friend and faux finish artist, Ericka will be executing.

More updates to come!


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