Hollywood Glam


Awards season has begun in Hollywood and I couldn’t be happier.

To me that means watching Red Carpet events to see fabulous couture, jewels, shoes,  and hair.

When the awards begin, the television goes off and I pull out the laptop or stay in bed and eat chocolates or something like that…


Unfortunately, in this day and age of computerization, the Hollywood days of old have been replaced by loud noise, non believable special effects and the ever present aliens that morph out of nowhere.

No longer can I watch a movie and be obsessed with the backgrounds. I can’t be absorbing every sumptuous detail of the sets from the silk drapery to the fine antique furniture and shine of mirrors everywhere.

But I can still get my fix thanks to Pinterest.


Even though I am a serious Francophile, I absolutely adore the glamour and glitz of  the Art Deco period. There is something about the shine, clean lines and drama that brings me back to the true original days of Hollywood…..


…..Great Gatsby, Jean Harlowe, and even  to this day, the well known showroom of J.Robert Scott.


The decadence of this period allows me to feel over indulged.

What is it about all that shine???



61aa8e2e5111a32404728dcbbd44dbe1 (2)

Maybe it’s the softness of neutrals…




…or the blending of textures….

7148a147a5d538330eed8fa09b27bb68 (2)



To satisfy my love of Art Deco, I will reserve this look for my closet. As for most any woman, it will never be large enough, but I hope I can at least make it feel grand enough.

Too bad I won’t need a stairway..


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