DIY- Making a Sink From Furniture

The Laundry Room is not my favorite place to hang out. However if I am going to use it, I want it to at least have some style.

I knew I wanted a sink, but not just an inexpensive, all-in-one in a box from a home improvement store. So, once again I literally took matters into my own hands.


This is a butcher block table that I have had for a while but will not have room for in the new kitchen, so I thought it would be perfect to turn into a sink.

Unfortunately it was too wide for the space but I did manage to find a smaller version .

My friend Colin has a great store in Nyack, N.Y. with an eclectic mix of antiques and reproductions.


I found the perfect piece in his place.

His piece was nicer because it also had an attached back very similar to the antique French butcher blocks. I had a copper bowl that I got for a bargain price and it would fit perfectly.


I traced the diameter of the bowl and cut a hole with a jig saw.


My friend got the leftover for a round cutting board. Holes had to be cut for the drain pipes to attach to the sink through the shelves.



The drawer will not be usable, as the pipe goes through it. That is a common downfall of this type of setup, but I didn’t need it. Wooden baskets that came with the piece will go on the shelves.

Next, I siliconed heavily all around the perimeter of the opening and dropped in the sink to dry and get set. I weighted it with boxes of tiles to make sure it sat flush with the wooden edge and have no openings for water to get in.


After it dried, I cleaned the edges with a single edge razor to get rid of the excess silicone.

The plumber returned and was able to complete the wall mounted faucet set.


I was now able to complete the sink by attaching the decorative back piece to the wall.


I couldn’t find a beam so for an extra measure, I put “Liquid Nails” along the edges to ensure it did not come off the wall. (That stuff sticks to ANYTHING!!!)


Another common motif on the antique versions are the use of bull heads.

I happened to have one in my kitchen so now the bull is in the laundry room!


My sink is complete and once again, I am happy with the result.


As the saying goes, “Sometimes the best “man” for a job is a “woman”!

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