Already Redecorating!

We are living in The Money Pit almost two months now and already I have started to change things.

However, in this case I will not take full responsibility.

“Dick” the architect had originally designed the master bath to have a high ceiling with two story windows and a dormer. When the housing police made us rip out the upstairs, the dormer was deleted ($1000.00 window wasted) and the two leftover windows had to be installed at ground level. Being they were roll out casements, they would have hit the eaves of the above roof.DSC00711

So this is what I had to work with. I hated it. To make do and not hold anyone up, I went to Restoration Hardware and bought in stock vanities and mirrors.DSC01599


It turns out the bathroom does not get a lot of daylight and is very dark.

How depressing to wake up first thing in the morning and feel like I am in a dungeon.

As most creative people will admit, we are more sensitive to our surroundings and can be affected by color, lighting, aromas and overall use of space. My husband didn’t quite get my reasoning but has been patient enough to watch me go on a mission to make it all work.

First came the hours of surfing on Pinterest to get all the following photos of rooms I liked. I was stuck between a French rustic feel or the more formal French which I usually end up with.

I have a huge copper soaking tub and want to do this alcove around it.


These doors are the exact doors I have in wood. I have primed them white and will age and gild them.


Adding a full mirrored wall will reflect light and make the space feel bigger.




I also like the beams, but I think I may pass on them…


Venetian Plaster everywhere else will give me shine


I started with the purchase of two trumeau mirrors from Ebay


and would paint them to work with the vanity inspiration from Segreto Secrets…


 I bought lighting from quorum that was the exact feeling I had in mind…light in color and scale.




This photo gave me the idea to mix a very light gray into the mix of beige with all the travertine in the room


When I am ready for window treatments, silk puddled panels and a beautiful burn out lace shade is my choice.


After the wood was applied to the vanities, I primed them white.


I then painted the mirror and drawer fronts in the gray.




And then added gold (of course!)


Then it was time to call in Ericka, my Faux Finishing genius friend to apply the aging technique.




All is coming together for me . The next phase is the tub alcove so there will be more updates to come!

P.S. Today I got to see the Harrod’s Christmas windows in London. Blog to follow soon!


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