More New Stuff

The Money Pit got the upstairs flooring done this week. Unfortunately, it took a verbal lashing to the installers for not showing up as scheduled, so they fit us in. Three days of sawing, banging and nail guns. Nowhere to hide, it was not fun. However, it is now DONE!!


The term “let the dust settle” took on a new meaning. Three days of vacuuming and dusting. Of course, nothing here is done without a catch…

Months ago, we paid $75 an hour each for 3 men to install baseboards and hang all of the custom made doors. The baseboard was installed for 3/8″ flooring but somehow they didn’t realize that all the doors should also have the same clearance.


All the doors had to come off the hinges and now have to be cut so they can open and close like doors are meant to do.

I have so much unexpected space upstairs after the housing police made us redo, that I have taken one room and decided to make it an office for myself.

It is the first room in the house where I decided not to be so rigid and just have some fun. I absolutely love pink and any shade of, so I had a good time.


A pink crystal chandelier, silk settee and velvet office chair set the mood.


This room has the Juliet balcony over the front entrance; a nice bonus!

The settee was meant for my bedroom. We drove two hours to pick it up and I wanted to use it to have my morning coffee and catch up on emails. We tried everything to get it through the doorway. We took off the trim and even hand sawed a part of the gilt work. I finally gave up and put it in this room.


Today we bought a mattress for a guest room and I am starting to put it together.


A simple attempt to wash my hands revealed that there is an apparent short circuit in our water well and we have no running water. That means, no washing dishes from last night’s steak dinner, no showers, no laundry and the more personal stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if we bought sacred grounds…..

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