Happy New Year!


Thank you to all of my loyal followers and colleagues for you support in the past two years.

2015  will be bringing some new and exciting features for Castle and Cliff.

I will still be writing about Interior Design and and dash of Equestrian life, but I also hope to start adding some items of interest that reflect my taste and can be incorporated into your very own design projects.

From the Money Pit to you,

May you all enjoy a Happy and Safe New Year!



Thank You, Rylex Custom Cabinetry

Call Me Crazy?

While most people have been decorating for the holidays, I am still trying to finish up the detail work at The Money Pit. Before I began, I figured I would at least make an effort to get some holiday decorating done.

I unearthed 33 years worth of Santa statues Hubby and I have collected for every Christmas we have spent together. I even managed to put them in the shelving I built.


I have also dragged in a ten foot tree which is still in the stand without decorations.


I am waiting to see who is willing to help decorate. No takers yet, but I still have 9 days to go.

More important to me is getting all the detail work DONE, so I have gotten side tracked and started to work on all the moldings in the entry. They have been on the floor all summer collecting dust. It also meant having to move a twelve foot ladder (my birthday present from July) which is really heavy and difficult to maneuver.

I brought back the work table, miter saw and tools and dove right in.


The pre cast rubber panels were glued and nailed to the walls.


I bought so many pieces that I had to lay them out and remember what was going where..


They also were glued and nailed into placeDSC01861



I have put up a chair rail and now have to start the long process of applying oil based primer. Then I will paint everything in a high gloss white, and then finish with a glaze.

Little by little things will get done.

I even managed to decorate the exterior of the house using whatever I could salvage from the basement. Fortunately,

the Housing Police have not issued any violations on my choice of decor.


Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year to all!

Paris in 48 Hours;Part Deux

For our second day in Paris, we had planned to go to the Marche en Puces, the largest antique market ever, then head to the quaint town of Montmarte for more sightseeing and dinner. So several croissants and cups of coffee later, we headed to the metro. We passed a small park which must be very pretty in the summer..


The market turned out to be so large that we never made it to Montmarte. We spent the entire day walking from booth to booth, showroom to showroom and still didn’t get to see it all. I was truly in antique paradise. I thought of how lucky the locals are to be able to have so much to choose from, and to take it home with no shipping hassles.

This is the official website for those who may be planning a trip;


After winding our way through the backstreets we found our first hint of the market behind a lot of vendors of jackets, sneakers, fake handbags and phones. We were greeted by the cutest French Bulldog protecting his owner’s merchandise.


Following are many photographs of the market. Get comfortable and enjoy your own shopping spree!



Katherine, I took these two for you!




At lunch time we needed to sit, so we had more American coffee.



Olive trees in the lobby






When we were building The Money Pit, I searched the entire United States for an affordable version of traditional French Versailles pattern parquet flooring. If I lived there I would have found it everywhere.


This is the biggest Birkin bag I have ever seen. It was about three feet wide!




I was determined not to go home empty handed. I wanted to see everything, then decide on what I wanted most, and what would be easily transported on a plane. I bought this pair of vintage Murano his and hers glass mirrors. They made it safely home.


Sadly, it was getting late and we needed to get back to pack. Before we went to our hotel, we decided to be real tourists and stop at the “Locks of Love” bridge , which is right in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.



“As BonjourParis reported last year, the locks on the Pont des Arts near the Louvre were cut off, reportedly by the government. But romance beats politics in Paris and the locks can now be seen on two Paris bridges: Pont des Arts and Pont de l’Archevêché.”

“A French tour guide was overheard explaining the phenomenon to her enthralled group.

“There are two bridges in Paris with the locks, you must be very careful which bridge you put your lock on because Pont des Arts is for your committed love, while Pont de l’Archevêché is for your lover.”

This may explain why Pont de l’Archevêché is completely packed with locks, while Pont des Arts has plenty of room.

Whether you’re just admiring the ocean of locks or adding to the collection, these bridges are definitely two spots to stop while in Paris.”

Fortunately, we picked the right one. We bought our lock which are very conveniently sold right across the street.


The locks are attached and the key thrown into the river to symbolize a couple’s never ending love for each other. Hubby kept wondering if he could throw ME in, instead!


Even though we have left Paris, we have left a part of us there until the next time we return.

Hopefully, that will be soon.