Call Me Crazy?

While most people have been decorating for the holidays, I am still trying to finish up the detail work at The Money Pit. Before I began, I figured I would at least make an effort to get some holiday decorating done.

I unearthed 33 years worth of Santa statues Hubby and I have collected for every Christmas we have spent together. I even managed to put them in the shelving I built.


I have also dragged in a ten foot tree which is still in the stand without decorations.


I am waiting to see who is willing to help decorate. No takers yet, but I still have 9 days to go.

More important to me is getting all the detail work DONE, so I have gotten side tracked and started to work on all the moldings in the entry. They have been on the floor all summer collecting dust. It also meant having to move a twelve foot ladder (my birthday present from July) which is really heavy and difficult to maneuver.

I brought back the work table, miter saw and tools and dove right in.


The pre cast rubber panels were glued and nailed to the walls.


I bought so many pieces that I had to lay them out and remember what was going where..


They also were glued and nailed into placeDSC01861



I have put up a chair rail and now have to start the long process of applying oil based primer. Then I will paint everything in a high gloss white, and then finish with a glaze.

Little by little things will get done.

I even managed to decorate the exterior of the house using whatever I could salvage from the basement. Fortunately,

the Housing Police have not issued any violations on my choice of decor.


Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year to all!

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