Very Neat!

I love organization and needless to say, at the Money Pit there is very little of it right now.

Day by day I am managing to get things accomplished, mostly finish work like painting and moldings. However, this week I had to something about the Laundry Room. It is the first place I walk into from the garage and needed to be welcomed by calm. So as usual, I began a new mission.

Coincidentally, last Thursday a local auction house had a great vintage 74″ wide shelf that was perfect for the wall. I got it for $90.00.

I had a sheet of small subway tile that I didn’t use so I took them off the sheet thinking I would use them as place cards for the table.


I glued them onto baskets I bought at The Container Store, the best place to shop for all things organized.DSC01922

This piece was on clearance at Home Goods and fit perfectly between the washer and dryer.


While building the Money Pit, I bought so much at Restoration Hardware that I earned a $300.00 gift certificate. This equestrian coat hanger was one of the things I got.


I attached it to the bottom of the shelf and it fit perfectly.


 I bought two of these trays from Ballard Designs. They are perfect for dirty and wet shoes and boots. (photo courtesy of Ballard’s catalog)


I labeled all the baskets and filled them with all the stuff that was laying around in boxes.

 Here is the finished product.


Very Neat!

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