Is It Spring Yet?

This year, winter feels like forever.

At this time last year, we were putting down floors everywhere and barely able to walk from the pain. Now that it is all done, we have a lot more time to finish up all the little jobs at The Money Pit.

Hubby had to go to Vegas for business early February so I jumped at the chance to join him. We really lucked out with the weather. It was in the high 70’s and sunny every day. What a pleasure it was to wake up to this view every morning..


To even see flowers in bloom made me SO happy!


The day before we left, we sat by the pool and palm trees.


We both were wondering “why do we stay in the snow???”  I never thought I would become a “snowbird” but this year, the idea is looking very good.

So after four days of a much needed break, we came home.


Back to reality and back to work. I had been wanting to create an alcove over the tub in our bathroom, so I got started. I had found this photo on Pinterest and wanted to achieve the same feeling.


My alcove was very straight and had no architectural interest. The old pine doors I had behind the tub were not working for me. They needed to be in a room with more of a country feel, so I knew I would put them elsewhere. They were just too heavy to lift by myself.


I had moldings left over from the master bedroom that I could use for the scallop.


I laid them out into a design I liked and traced the contour onto a piece of primed wood 12″x8′. With a jigsaw, I cut the contour.


I then attached the moldings and let the glue set. I lined the alcove with firring strips. The panel will sit inside the area and will be flush with the wall.


I attached the panel and then glued the rest of the moldings to the wall. I let them dry for a day.


After removing all the tape, all the joints had to be spackled and sanded. I left that job to Hubby because he is more of a perfectionist than me . Thank goodness for his patience because it really came out flat!


Remember the vanities?


I took the grey paint I used for the drawer fronts and painted inside the moldings.


Eventually I want Ericka to come over and work her magic with some gold and antiquing. I am also thinking of putting Venetian Plaster inside the entire alcove to give it lots of shine. After removing the doors, I decided to hang this great Austrian street fountain I recently purchased. (It is also for sale through CASTLE AND CLIFF MARKET)


It fits nicely and visually opens up the space.


Because I can’t wait for spring, I had to buy some artificial flowers to brighten it up.


I also hung the two vintage mirrors I bought at the Paris flea market.




 Another project almost complete!

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