Bloggin’ from Barcelona 2015

For the past ten years, in the first week of June, I have had the pleasure of going with hubby to Barcelona. He goes for business and I tag along. Even though in ten years we have seen so many incredible parts of Barcelona we always manage to find something new.DSC00120

The city itself is overwhelming with all of it’s architectural detail. An afternoon stroll down any back street is a designer’s dream for inspiration.


Something as simple as a  fountain becomes a work of art complete with urns and hand painted tile murals.


Even a local hostel is situated in such an elegantly designed building.


When we travel, we usually will keep several days open for exploring. We knew that Monday is a good day because that is the day of the antique market. It is held in the square in front of the Cathedral in the  “Barrí Gotíc” section of the city.


Vendors are very friendly and are very happy to speak English.The city of Barcelona has very deep religious roots and it is evident by the array of articles for sale.


Hand carved Madonnas and angels are abundant.




This time, however I did notice a lot of Equestrian articles I would have been happy to bring home…


This dapple grey seems to be very comfortable among the holy!



An entire showcase of horse items made it hard to choose just one.


I wondered how many kids would know what these were….


After the market, we went for a walk through the side streets to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with gelato, guitar music, and tapas. The local shops are fun for buying souvenirs such as all things Flamenco.


A street vendor’s fans..


These “elephant ears” were the largest I have ever seen and even came with three different frostings.


This turned out to be a candy store! The candy is packed in pill bottles.


Around a corner, we came upon a small church that we had never seen before,

La Iglesia Santa Anna S. X11.

It was across the street from an open courtyard.


One does not have to be a certain religion to enjoy the beauty and history of the many churches in the city. It is always humbling to see the art, gardens, sculpture, and architectural details they have to offer.DSC00118



For a minor fee, the grounds are open for viewing as well as the incredible interiors.


A detail of the ceiling….


and the mosaic floor-


Wrought iron balconies and gates..



Most of the churches have crypts in the floors which are marked with some kind of inscription as to who lies there. DSC00110


Above ground memorials are also very common.



More examples of religious art..





This is a replica of “The Black Virgin”, the patron saint of Catalonia, Spain. The statue is a very popular symbol for the people with a very rich and interesting story. The city of Montserrat houses the original. People travel up the mountain by cable car to stand in line to touch the statue. I have been lucky enough to do so. What made it even more special is that just this week I found out that on my maternal side, my roots originated in Catalonia.



Late in the day we took the metro to go see the progress of the Cathedral of the Sagrada Família. Designed by the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudí, the building was started in 1882 and is not expected to finish until about 2026. We have been to the church several times with each visit revealing new parts being completed. This time, there was a two hour wait to go in so I was only able to get pictures from the outside. It’s presence is still so overpowering, that even to see the exterior is worth the trip. This is what is called the Nativity Facade. It has tripled in size since the last time we saw it.



To tell the history of this church would require a very large post. It is definitely worth researching!

For our accommodations this year, we returned to stay at the the Hotel SB Diagonal  (

It is located blocks from the beach, has a spa, and a rooftop pool. For the rest of the week, this is where I could be found!


íSoy una mujer afortunada!

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