23 Years of Memories (And DIY)

This past Tuesday, we closed on the house we left to live in the Money Pit. Our daughter had just been born when we bought the property in 1992. Over the next year we contracted the house. In hindsight, it was a record breaking project compared to our latest adventure. In June of 1993 we moved into the house although it was not finished.

As always, we were young, energetic and optimistic.We had a very long list of projects that we were going to do ourselves in between work and raising two kids.

Hubby would come home around 7 p.m. and start to cut and install the marble entry.


Every one of those little squares and the black strips were cut by him and his wet saw. Sometimes he would cut until 3 a.m., take a shower and go into work.  The kitchen was done twice by us. The original floor was very light and cracked a lot so we replaced it with a much more kid and dog friendly style.


In another small room we installed an inexpensive parquet in a checkerboard pattern. It was glued directly to the plywood. What a messy job that was!


Knowing the cost of custom drapery, I made time to make my own. It was a lot of work, but much less expensive. I even lined and weighted them.




 The 90’s were the age of things matching, so of course with the drapery came wallpaper.

Fortunately someone had the genius idea of making prepasted which made it so much easier!



I actually thought this was cool at one time….a mural of Lake Como, Italy.


Faux finishes were all the rage. I painted a sky in the t.v. room.


For weeks I painted two rooms to look like wood paneling.



I painted the front hall in a taupe and beige stripe and added a stencil below a paper border that look like molding.


There were countless hours of cutting, leveling and installing moldings.


My brother in law Steve made the most beautiful custom kitchen.


Our front doors were from a salvage yard and I made stained glass panels to replace the broken ones.



The balcony I bought for $80 at a local auction.


We spent an entire day in the Bowery to find the perfect entry lights. We treated ourselves to dinner on Arthur Avenue that night.


I will never forget watching hubby trying to balance on the top of a ladder while he lifted these columns to build a pergola……


…..And how many attempts he made to find just the right mix of cement to pour these planters.


We built a shed for all our gardening tools. I wish I could haven taken it with me.


We put down a full patio in the backyard. We had to drive to a Home Depot in Westchester at 9 p.m. because we ran out of pavers. We worked until 1 a.m. with floodlights on to get it finished.


Many parties were held in this yard…pre prom, graduations, after hours from the swim club, surprise birthdays and beer pong. This was a very happy house with lots of good times. It was hard to leave, but now a new young family begins their next chapter here. I especially will miss the hot tub but I am already plotting my new one. Just don’t tell the housing police!!!



“GERONIMO” July 4th, 2015

The most perfect gentleman. Thank you, Valley Cottage Animal Hospital and Dr. Patricia Collins for all you did.



Also, thank you to Sullivan County SPCA for letting us enjoy him for the last four years. We will miss him a lot.

Enjoy the show from above tonight, Moe.

God is giving you the best seat in the house.


Kevin, Sue, Kyle, Kristi, Jackie, Ollie and Remy.