Getting Motivated

Eighteen days until Christmas and we have been very busy at The Money Pit. The best motivation to get things done is to schedule a party and that is exactly what we did.

It is our second Christmas in the house but it feels like the first as we are completely moved in and ready to celebrate.

Every celebration needs planning and in our case, it also meant more work to be done. After making a long list, Hubby and I began to tackle things one by one.

I started on the stairway. About a year ago, I bought a hand painted wallpaper panel from Gracie to put on the turret wall. It was the perfect size and worked well because it laid flat on the curved wall.


I framed it in flexible molding painted gold. I also added a chair rail which I painted a beige color taken from the panel.

There is still lots of trim work to be done, but it works for now…


Remember the valances I built in the great room?


I had one more piece of salvage left over so I decided to use it for the entry stairs.


I used it as the starting point and then ran a decorative chair rail that matched the molding in the foyer. I then gave it a coat of primer.


I brought the same beige color down the stairway, then had Ericka over to work her magic with gold detail.


Entry stairs DONE!


The upstairs landing need to be dressed up , so I went from room to room and just took things I liked and made it look “done”. The chair was rescued from someone’s junk pile, the black fan in the frame belonged to my great grandmother from Sweden and the clock with the four twirling dancers was won by my father at a bowling tournament in the 1950’s.


This desk was my grandfather’s. Originally it was black but I painted it in a faux wood finish. The chair was also his which I repainted and reupholstered.


I still have bins that need to be emptied, but for now they will stay put covered by a screen.  (Next to an extra door from the construction drama.) Notice all the nooks and crannies…this was one of the results of having to reconfigure the entire upstairs. The whole area is a mix up of angles and dead space. I plan to have some kind of shelving put in….


The second bedroom also needed to be done as it was pretty much a storage area. I have a pair of twin beds from the other house I bought at auction for $15.00.


I recovered them and added cord welt and attached carved bow motifs to the tops.


I had also purchased two gilded wood valances at auction and decided to use one over each of the beds.


I wanted to tone down all of the gold, so I painted them white and then rubbed them with stain to age the look.



Although I do not like sewing, I dragged out the machine and made some valances and panels knowing how much I would save poor Hubby….


So I didn’t feel guilty when I had a custom cornice and panels made!

It went from this..


to this..


Guest room #2 DONE!!


Next to be finished was the powder room off the entry.

If you remember, I bought this vanity, sink and faucet as one piece in a salvage store.


We installed the onyx floor and walls ourselves. For the upper half, I wanted to compliment the soft green and yellow tones in the onyx.


I bought a decorative molding and painted it gold.


With my new electric power miter saw I cut the molding to make boxes for the walls.



I bought a beautiful tone on tone damask wallpaper and applied it to the inside of the boxes.


I would love to put Venetian plaster on the rest of the walls, but that will wait until after the holidays. For now, all that is left is to sort through all of the old decorations…


Finish making all party props…


and trim the new 12′ artificial pre-lit tree (SO much easier!!)


Another successful year of DIY gone by.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, a joyous Holiday Season and a healthy and happy New Year!!

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