From New York to Palm Beach; Lilly Pulitzer Style

We had a very magical Christmas this year at The Money Pit. Our “Twelfth Night” celebration has come and gone and we are left with some great memories. It was a perfect evening with friends and family and now that I have recovered, I am already planning for next year.


We have been incredibly lucky in the northeast with the weather. After last year’s winter , it is such a welcome change to be able to experience the holidays with temperatures in the 60’s.Β  To add to that enjoyment was my discovery, while Christmas shopping, of the Lilly Pulizter store located in the Westchester Mall. (Being a “Jersey shopper, I just found it, even though it opened in 2013.)

After seeing so much red and green and holiday attire, it was a pleasure to see the windows set with the signature bright and hot pastels she is known for. Of course I had to go in, and what a treat it was! ( this photo courtesy of


The clothes were very nice but the decor is what really caught my eye. Fortunately, I always carry my camera in my bag so I got right to work taking photos. A big thank you to the two Saras and Michele for letting me indulge myself! They were very friendly and accommodating.

Unfortunately, a HOME line is not yet available, but maybe soon there will be. Lilly’s look is a lifestyle and her brand is synonymous with Palm Beach, parties and tropical living.

A frieze on the walls in the entry is accented with real as well as hand painted shells.


In the dressing area are two painted chairs with cushions done in her fabric.


Above them hang three brass and glass chandeliers. The walls are all hand painted versions of Lilly’s fabrics.


This area is done with large palm leaves.The shelf units are filled with shells.


The showroom entry is hand painted in a large pink floral pattern, which I LOVE!!


The checkout counter has the same pattern accented with a framed painting of brightly colored flowers.


This coral chandelier illuminates merchandise….


..and this shell encrusted mirror makes it a pleasure to try things on.


The dressing rooms were especially fun to see. Each one has it’s own theme. First was this one with a pink and white version of a toile. The ceiling is covered with oranges dipped in glitter with hand painted leaves.


A second room is again hand painted in a copy of a Lilly fabric of hot pink and green lions and monkeys accented with a bench upholstered in a complimentary floral.


The third dressing room elaborates on the wall frieze of shells. This time orange slices, vintage photos and more shells were added.


This is a close up of a wall detail completely covered in shells. If I lived near the beach, my house would have this somewhere!


The fourth dressing room is a special dedication from the company with “Lilly Loves Westchester” painted above the door. Inside is a hand painted toile in shades of blue. Landmarks from Westchester and New York City are depicted on all four walls. Notice the Tappan Zee bridge. Pretty soon that one will be gone after the new one opens!


Again a big THANK YOU to Sara, Sara and Michele for allowing me to take these photos and also for taking the sweat pants off the mannequin so I could take them home with me! Being in the store was like a mini vacation to Palm Beach.

Now that the holidays are almost over, it would be nice to go there for real!

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