If I Knew Then…

While building The Money Pit, with all of the confusion going on, I never even thought to include a special place for our dogs. I was content to just to get finished and be done with everything. However…in hindsight, I wish I was able to make a special spot that would have been just for them including storage for food and room for bathing.

So many home owners are now including such spaces to their new and existing homes. Not only is it practical, but also a way to bring creativity into a space that one may not normally do in the rest of the house.

There are lots of hidden potential in a home that you may not even realize. One of the most common is the dead space under a stairway.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest)


Whether it is the main entrance or a back service area, plenty of room can be opened up to house one or more pet.



An unused alcove would also be the perfect spot.


This guy even got his own widow for a view of his yard!


This alcove resembles an old fireplace. Lots of room for the larger breed.


If the opening is where an old closet door was, the space becomes even larger. These under-the-stair rooms are similar, but the colors and accessories will say “male” or “female”.



Adding this type of space does not have to be expensive. A box or two of flooring, a roll of wallpaper, or a single can of paint will be enough to finish it

How perfect is this paper?


If you are lucky enough to be able to use an entire room, the ideas are endless.

How about a custom bed?


Or just slumber party style?


The laundry room is a perfect place to incorporate a shower and a bed for larger dogs.




This is how to show your pets the ultimate in love…


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to keep an eye on things, an unused cabinet can be used for a pet lounge.


Or more than one!


I love the bone shaped cutouts on these..


One of the simplest ideas I found was to take an old tire, spray paint it, and make a cushion.


Seeing this gave me an idea for a piece of furniture I recently pulled from a bulk pick up pile…


This is going to be the new private home for my new boy, Buddy!!

To be continued……….


New Year, New Things

Fun things are in the works for 2016…a new retail space, a bright new look for the blog, and a new addition at The Money Pit..



Buddy is a 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier and is the new love of my life. He already has come fabric shopping with me and today accompanied me to go pick out some paint colors.

The latest buzz in the design world are customized doggie rooms…more to follow!!!