I have never been so angry with a vendor as I have been today. I am so glad this was not for a client because there was no saving this one….

Last week I purchased two bergere chair frames for myself. I spent all weekend carefully spraying them with bright white lacquer. They came out really nice, smooth and shiny. Yesterday, I brought them to TWG fabrics in Middletown NY  to be upholstered. When I left there, I purposely put them in a corner to prevent them from getting damaged.

Today I got a phone call from one of the owners saying the frames “got a little scratched” by a child that was in the store and he wanted to know the name and brand of paint I used. I explained they were lacquered, not painted. It is a more time consuming process, as the end result needs to be just right. To repair a scratch is not as simple as repainting. I said I would come up to do the repair myself. After an hour and a half ride to get there, coincidentally he was gone when I arrived and now I know why.

What exactly happened, I don’t know. He claims a kid was in the store and scratched them. Well, to this kid’s mother I say SHAME ON YOU for not paying attention. If that is not the truth, then SHAME ON HIM for telling a lie. I really would like to know how he planned to fix them because when I came home and tried to reapply paint, it buckled and peeled right off.



They will now have to be completely stripped and repainted, and not at my expense.

 As I said, I am so glad they did not belong to a client. I pride myself on my integrity and customer service.

Needless to say I will never go there again.

A New Hobby

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking the lake with some friends. We passed a house that was having a lot of work done and outside was a large pile of things that were being thrown out, including an end table that seemed to be in reasonably good condition. The next day, I drove back to the house and asked the workers if I could have it. They couldn’t understand why, but I happily put it in the back and took it home.

You see, after I got Buddy, I was on Pinterest looking at ideas for pet beds. A lot of them seem to be made from upcycling old pieces of furniture. Some were very creative and so I decided to make my own version for my new friend. The table had the doors already removed but just needed some spot gluing and reinforcing.


I removed all the interior wood left from the shelves, spackled nail holes and gave a quick sanding. Then I applied an oil based primer.


The table had some nice carved detail to it, so I planned to really highlight it. I am a fan of Mackenzie Childs (in moderation) and I wanted to replicate the feeling of their pieces but without the price. One of their pet beds goes for about $4000.00. Initially I tried acrylic paints, but they were not heavy enough. Fortunately, a phone call to my paint professional, Ericka, led me to chalk paint. It works really well and had good coverage.


I just kept adding on details as I went along, making sure I had the right balance of color and pattern.


I found these little wooden flower pots and placed a round ball in it to make miniature topiaries.DSC00421


I found this knob that looked exactly like Buddy and I couldn’t resist



I spent about a week working several hours a day but was enjoying every second! Buddy patiently watched me every day hoping I would play with him instead..


I painted the sides to look like tufting accented with gold buttons.


And added lots of doggy themed items




Once the outside was finished…


I went through the fabrics I purchased,


and I made panels for the inside walls with foam core



and then I sewed a cushion using fleece and a stripe.


All done!


The best compliment was that he liked it!!!


I was so happy with the  result, I decided to make another one to sell. I found an old end table in a junk shop. I took out the drawer, turned the table upside down to give the appearance of a poster bed and added wooden feet.


I wanted to make this one for a female so it was all about pink. I picked from my pile of fabrics-


and decided on the theme..


Again, I primed the piece, then started to paint designs as I went along.




Detail of the top of a finial-


I made the cushion from two different fabrics , cord welt and a 5″ slab of foam.


I already have two more waiting to be made. One is the drawer that was from this table-


and the other is going to be made to raise money at an upcoming auction for a fundraiser for  “Bide-A-Wee” in Manhattan. Buddy and I will keep you posted on progress. If anyone would like to commission a custom pet bed, please message me at All pieces are strictly one of a kind!

100 Years of Interior Design

Last night, I attended the 100th anniversary celebration of the New York School of Interior Design. I received my Interior Design Certification from NYSID and always look forward to their events. The dinner was held at Cipriani in the Cunard building downtown NYC. It was a “who’s who” of the design world and several industry leaders were honored with awards.


The Cunard Building was built in 1919 to house the headquarters of the shipping line. The lobby’s ceilings are ornately painted in marine themed frescoes with lots of plaster relief.



The tables were simply decorated with branches of blossoms in glass vases.


It always makes me so proud to be able to be considered a part of this special community. Thank you, NYSID for a fantastic evening!