A New Hobby

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking the lake with some friends. We passed a house that was having a lot of work done and outside was a large pile of things that were being thrown out, including an end table that seemed to be in reasonably good condition. The next day, I drove back to the house and asked the workers if I could have it. They couldn’t understand why, but I happily put it in the back and took it home.

You see, after I got Buddy, I was on Pinterest looking at ideas for pet beds. A lot of them seem to be made from upcycling old pieces of furniture. Some were very creative and so I decided to make my own version for my new friend. The table had the doors already removed but just needed some spot gluing and reinforcing.


I removed all the interior wood left from the shelves, spackled nail holes and gave a quick sanding. Then I applied an oil based primer.


The table had some nice carved detail to it, so I planned to really highlight it. I am a fan of Mackenzie Childs (in moderation) and I wanted to replicate the feeling of their pieces but without the price. One of their pet beds goes for about $4000.00. Initially I tried acrylic paints, but they were not heavy enough. Fortunately, a phone call to my paint professional, Ericka, led me to chalk paint. It works really well and had good coverage.


I just kept adding on details as I went along, making sure I had the right balance of color and pattern.


I found these little wooden flower pots and placed a round ball in it to make miniature topiaries.DSC00421


I found this knob that looked exactly like Buddy and I couldn’t resist



I spent about a week working several hours a day but was enjoying every second! Buddy patiently watched me every day hoping I would play with him instead..


I painted the sides to look like tufting accented with gold buttons.


And added lots of doggy themed items




Once the outside was finished…


I went through the fabrics I purchased,


and I made panels for the inside walls with foam core



and then I sewed a cushion using fleece and a stripe.


All done!


The best compliment was that he liked it!!!


I was so happy with the  result, I decided to make another one to sell. I found an old end table in a junk shop. I took out the drawer, turned the table upside down to give the appearance of a poster bed and added wooden feet.


I wanted to make this one for a female so it was all about pink. I picked from my pile of fabrics-


and decided on the theme..


Again, I primed the piece, then started to paint designs as I went along.




Detail of the top of a finial-


I made the cushion from two different fabrics , cord welt and a 5″ slab of foam.


I already have two more waiting to be made. One is the drawer that was from this table-


and the other is going to be made to raise money at an upcoming auction for a fundraiser for  “Bide-A-Wee” in Manhattan. Buddy and I will keep you posted on progress. If anyone would like to commission a custom pet bed, please message me at smniblo@yahoo.com. All pieces are strictly one of a kind!

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