I have never been so angry with a vendor as I have been today. I am so glad this was not for a client because there was no saving this one….

Last week I purchased two bergere chair frames for myself. I spent all weekend carefully spraying them with bright white lacquer. They came out really nice, smooth and shiny. Yesterday, I brought them to TWG fabrics in Middletown NY  to be upholstered. When I left there, I purposely put them in a corner to prevent them from getting damaged.

Today I got a phone call from one of the owners saying the frames “got a little scratched” by a child that was in the store and he wanted to know the name and brand of paint I used. I explained they were lacquered, not painted. It is a more time consuming process, as the end result needs to be just right. To repair a scratch is not as simple as repainting. I said I would come up to do the repair myself. After an hour and a half ride to get there, coincidentally he was gone when I arrived and now I know why.

What exactly happened, I don’t know. He claims a kid was in the store and scratched them. Well, to this kid’s mother I say SHAME ON YOU for not paying attention. If that is not the truth, then SHAME ON HIM for telling a lie. I really would like to know how he planned to fix them because when I came home and tried to reapply paint, it buckled and peeled right off.



They will now have to be completely stripped and repainted, and not at my expense.

 As I said, I am so glad they did not belong to a client. I pride myself on my integrity and customer service.

Needless to say I will never go there again.

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