Susan M Niblo Ltd.

The store is 90% done and ready for business. The response has been overwhelming and I am so excited by all of the positive feedback of my new design studio. All of the years I worked in Rockland County were a pleasure for me and I am now looking forward to also serving the residents of Orange and Bergen Counties. I have had so much fun turning my new space into a beautiful showroom. I also have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the new fabric, wallpaper and furniture reps of the companies I have used for many years. I have not had an official opening yet, but I am pleased to share the BEFORE and AFTER with you. Before I rented the space, it was a barber shop and before that, a florist. I had to take a very simple space..

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and plan a design showroom


and turn it into reality




I would like to extend a HUGE thanks to my husband, Kevin for supporting me through all of my ideas and dreams and to all of my past and future clients who believe in my visions and talent and know that they can trust me to create the spaces they call HOME.