The 2016 Country Living Fair

LOTS of eye candy today!

The first bunch of photos are from the garden. After having over 1000 bulbs planted last year, it is fun to see what is growing all through the rock garden. I had no idea what was going to emerge; all I know is that I told the landscapers no red and orange. Here is a sample of what I got…

Quite a difference from last year!


I have officially given up yard work for this summer so now that I have time, this weekend I decided to go to Rhinebeck, NY to the annual Country Living Fair. After my weekend at Brimfield for Flea Market Flip, I thought I had just about seen everything but I was wrong.



This year’s fair did not disappoint! Even though the fair has a lot of vendors that come back every year, there are always new ones that have a lot of fun and new things to show.

Hubby and bought extra large lemonade and spent the day walking up and down the aisles.

I wanted to buy these for the Money Pit..the housing police would have LOVED them!!!

Every yard must have pink flamingos…


Enjoy the walking tour!

A touch of Christmas in June..


This is a cute idea..


Are you old enough to remember these?


or how many of these did you make?


Tromp L’oiel


My grandmother had lots of these!


Table for 12?



A greenhouse made from salvaged windows




On the way home, I noticed this “Tiny House” for sale in someone’s driveway


Quite a change from the Money Pit, but I wouldn’t mind owning it!!!

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