A “REAL” Good Time

I remember almost 20 years ago, when my son was about nine years old, he was completely obsessed with the “stars” of the WWF;.. Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Rowdy Rodney Piper to name a few. Every Monday night after homework, he would watch them wrestle, glued to the television and rooting for his favorites.

As a birthday present that year, thinking it would be a fun day out, my husband and I made the mistake of buying tickets to take our son to see all the characters live at Madison Square Garden. We actually feared for our lives that day, as the crowds were getting into their own fights and became very unsafe.

Needless to say, our son was incredibly excited to go but was even more disappointed to have to leave early.  I tried to explain that his safety was more important than a show. His only response was “you know mom, what they do is real. They aren’t pretending!” Not wanting to burst his bubble, I did not pursue an argument….”Yes, honey, I know it’s real….”

This past summer I had to remind myself of my own advice as I participated as a contestant with my friend Ericka, on the “reality” show Flea Market Flip. After responding to a casting call I saw on Facebook we were picked to be a team of contestants for this year’s upcoming season.


Filming is done over a three month span with three twelve hour days edited down to 20 minutes of actual show time. There was a “BUY” day, a “WORKSHOP” day and a “SELL” day. The Buy day was in Brimfield, Massachussetts, workshop in Stamford, Connecticut and Sell in New York City. All three times, Lara Spencer shows up at the last hour all perky and on pointe as we pretend to recreate the days events in real time.







Because the show has not aired yet, (and I don’t even know when it is!) I am not supposed to give details but I will say one thing;..

I will never be able to watch the show in the same light that I have in the past.

Watching the Emmys last night I noticed there is now a category for Best Reality show. Let me tell all of you lovers of everything “Reality”….NEWS FLASH!!!….

There is no such thing.

Actually, my  husband has been telling me this for years as I would race home to beat him to the television so I could watch whatever episode of the HOUSEWIVES was coming on.

So, to you, my love, I finally digress;

All those years competing in horse shows, not winning  first place and everyone saying “But did you have fun??”

If someone asks me the same about this experience?

My answer? Stay tuned, folks…

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