And It Begins…

Usually I am the first one to start when a showhouse is in the works. This time has been really different for me. With a September 27th deadline, today was the first day I began working in my room. I think the reason for the delay was the theme I decided on this time; a Swedish/Gustavian style sitting room. The following two photos are from Pinterest and are very typical of Swedish style;





I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to two parts of my ancestry through design. Having Swedish heritage, I have always loved the light and airy style associated with the region. My thirty something years of collecting antiques afford me the opportunity to showcase my pieces in that style, while also highlighting my British heritage with the use of pieces from my extensive colllection of Minton china ( which is my maiden name).

This year’s showhouse is new construction; a nicely detailed home with many tasteful amenities. I was awarded the sitting room, which is right off the kitchen. It is a bright and sunny room and has been pre painted in a very soft grey color.


I decided to keep the color as is and just enhance it with a border stencil from The Stencil Gallery in England which is appropriately named “Gustavian”





Following is a sample of some of the pieces that will go in the room…




There is much more to be done but I am excited for this year’s room as it has a lot of special meaning.

More to come….