Keeping Busy

I am officially sick of winter. I am tired of being house bound, tired of grey skies and tired of seeing snow. Fortunately, this winter I have had several work projects that have kept me very busy and interacting with people.

One that I am very pleased with is a 30,000 square foot fitness facility that I was hired to redesign and refresh. The first phase was the lobby which has a working fireplace, wi-fi seating and a dining area. With my computer assisted floor planning program, I was able to make a rendering for the client to visualize the concept. This is the layout from overhead

Screenshot-2017-10-27 RoomSketcher

And then seen as if standing in the room…

Screenshot-2017-10-27 RoomSketcher(1)

Learning these programs are very time consuming but so worth it when presenting a plan to a client. It really helps them to get a very good idea of how the finished product will look.

This a photograph of the room BEFORE:

Very dark scratched vinyl floor, three different shades of olive green on the walls, and dark worn upholstery. TV’s were also set way too high to comfortably watch.



This is the almost AFTER result. The owner of the facility did not want an industrial look but rather a cozier traditional feel as if in one’s home. I found a wallpaper to repeat the stone of the fireplace. The room is all one color slate blue, grey tile that looks like wood is on the floor, and upholstery is now slate and grey tones centered around a beautiful area rug.



Across the room is a 25 foot banquette that spans the length of the room with bistro tables for dining. The transformation is still in progress and I will have more photos to share soon. Maybe by then we will be having warmer weather?

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