I have reinvented myself!! After working for 40 years as an Interior Designer, I have hung up the fabric samples and paint chips. I have been trying for a while to find something new that was fun and creative. I recently stumbled upon some photos of custom decorated cupcakes and started to watch videos to see how it was done. I bought all the supplies and started experimenting and from there I decided that this is what I want to do!



For the past week I have been testing frostings, colors and techniques. I have wasted a lot of ingredients, made a lot of mistakes and almost gave up.  However, I am now at the point I can “open my doors for business.” I have changed my Instagram handle to @muffiecakesbysusieq.  Please visit to see more photos of my progress.




I am offering boxes and bouquets of 12 cupcakes, bouquets of 7, and boxes of 6. Feel free to email me at smniblo@yahoo.com for orders and pricing. Pick your colors and choice of cake. Unfortunately, for now these cannot be shipped. Orders must be picked up, or possibly can be delivered.

I look forward hearing from you!


DSC01673 (2)

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